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Numark Industries has raised the bar once again with its top-of-the-line AXIS-8 CD Player. As a member of Numark's renowned Fusion Series of DJ products, this advanced tabletop CD player offers a large Scratch wheel with vinyl-style scratching and cueing, powerful onboard effects, downloadable software updates via CD, and an award-winning futuristic steel-top design based upon years of Numark research and development. 

In addition to its head-turning appearance with a rounded, three-dimensional steel face panel, the AXIS-8 is set apart by its large 130mm Scratch wheel. This wheel permits real-time scratching and fast, vinyl-style track cueing, giving CD jocks as much control as their vinyl brethren. Beyond the scratching, AXIS-8 also gives DJs reverse play and offers a long 100mm Pitch slider with control up to +/- 100%, the largest range in its class!

Other standout CD playback features include Key Lock-which can adjust tempo up to +/- 100% without changing pitch-two seamless loops with three hot stutter starts, as well as a built-in Beatkeeper with automatic synchronization. As new features are developed, the AXIS-8 can be easily updated via software downloads to CD-a world's first!

The AXIS-8's 12 onboard effects are derived from Numark's popular CDN-88 Dual CD Player, including beat-sync'd effects like flange, warp, ISO, echo, chop, slide and more. All of these effects are bolstered by direct DSP access with a Hold function. And with the

AXIS-8's onboard MIDI In/Out connections, all effects and even playback controls can easily be sync'd with other music and studio gear.

Additional  AXIS-8 features include a full 48 seconds of buffer memory to ensure the music will not be interrupted, no matter how big the bass gets. A six-way Fader/Remote start/pause or start/recue allows for direct integration with a mixer or use with an optional foot switch. And a bright, high-contrast blue LCD makes operation clear and easy.

Rounded out with a recessed rear panel, transport bay illumination light, digital and analog outputs and CD-R compatibility, the AXIS-8 stands as the ultimate CD player for professional DJs. The Fusion Series from Numark brings advanced features and award-winning design to DJs for the first time ever. 

Portable Dual CD Mixing Kit Includes Everything DJs Need

Numark Industries is proud to debut the Fusion 222 Kit, an affordable and completely portable system for mixing CDs. Comprised of two AXIS-2 tabletop CD players, a matching Matrix 2 mixer, and lightweight nylon carrying case that travels anywhere, the Fusion 222 Kit is aimed at no-nonsense DJs who want to get the job done without breaking their backs or the bank.

As the "heart" of the Fusion 222 Kit, the Matrix 2 DJ Mixer incorporates many features not usually found at its price point. In addition to a sleek Fusion-Series design with a stamped steel face panel and ergonomic layout, it gives DJs a Fader Start control of the individual CD players, individual PFL metering, 3-band rotary EQ cuts, dual BNC light connectors, a high-quality crossfader with hamster switch slope control and unique fader tracking lights, and dual headphone outputs.

The Fusion 222's AXIS-2 tabletop CD players also deliver maximum bang for the buck, with a super-large 130mm Pitch wheel, 10 seconds of Anti-shock memory, a 100mm Pitch slider with +/- 8/16% pitch control, a built-in BPM counter, and CD-R compatibility. Relay play and six-way Fader/Remote start/pause or start/recue capabilities ensure fast and professional mixing, no matter the style of music.

The entire Fusion 222 Kit comes prepackaged in a lightweight nylon case with a hidden compartment for cables and an outer compartment for headphones. A padded shoulder strap makes the Kit easy to carry, while the semi-hard case design protects the system from the rigors of nightly use. The Fusion Series from Numark brings advanced features and an award-winning design to DJs for the first time ever. 

Top-of-the-Line Fusion-Series Mixer
Offers Innovative Features, Futuristic Design

Numark Industries is proud to premiere the flagship Matrix 3K DJ Mixer. As a member of Numark's acclaimed Fusion Series of DJ products, this top-of-the-line three-channel DJ mixer offers a distinct award-winning look and a host of advanced features based upon years of Numark research and development. 

The Matrix 3K sports a head-turning design, which is both physically solid and functionally sound to meet the needs of modern DJs.  From its three-dimensional stamped steel face panel and theft-proof knobs to its rubberized base and recessed rear panel, careful attention has been paid to each and every detail.

This professional mixer's high-end features include a very high-quality VCA crossfader with extra-wide knob, slope adjust controls, hamster switch, and fader position indicator lights. Also included are dual BNC light outputs, and multi-function transform buttons, effects control on every channel, and process looping allow for ultra-smooth mixing, from hip-hop to house music. And Frequency Kill switches for Bass, Mid and Treble

(-40dB) -- plus rotary EQ cut controls (-30dB) -- permit both precise tonal shaping and unrestricted creativity. 

The Matrix 3K's ample connections include three phono inputs, six line inputs, and one mic input with EQ. Its outputs include Master, Zone, Record, Fader Start, PFL Sampler Send and both 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks with split or blend cueing. Eight-position rotary input controls and PFL meters facilitate smooth cueing of source material, and a Fader Start function has been included for use with Numark's AXIS Series of Fusion CD players. Long-life components of audiophile quality have been implemented throughout, making the Matrix 3K the perfect mixer for both stage and studio applications.

The Fusion Series from Numark brings advanced features and an award-winning design to DJs for the first time ever.

-New Entry-Level Turntables Give DJs Impressive Value at Ultra-Low Prices

Numark Industries continues its long-standing tradition of giving DJs maximum bang for the buck with the new TT-1650 and TT-1600 Turntables. Engineered for high performance at entry-level prices, these turntables feature durable ABS cabinet and base construction, symmetrical layout, and a precision tonearm design that's perfect for DJ use.

The TT-1650 is a direct-drive turntable with a high-quality aluminum die-cast platter designed for easy "dragging." This turntable boasts a multi-directional design with dual Start/Stop controls for instant reverse play, as well as selectable 33 and 45 RPM operation and an adjustable pitch range +/- 10%. A removable aluminum target light makes cueing records easy, even in low-light settings.

The TT-1600 is an affordable belt-drive model with a highly efficient design. It too features multi-directional operation for interesting DJ effects; 33 and 45 RPM operation and an adjustable pitch range +/- 10%. An optional aluminum target light can be installed for low-light operation.

Both the TT-1650 and TT-1600 feature a high-precision aluminum tonearm with cue and anti-skate adjustments, as well as detachable Power and Audio connections. Their ABS cabinet and base construction makes them both durable and resistant to external feedback, and adjustable rubber feet help offset unwanted vibrations. A symmetrical control layout permits easy use of the TT-1650 and TT-1600 in both vertical and horizontal positions. The Fusion Series from Numark brings advanced features and award-winning design to DJs for the first time ever.

Numark Industries is a manufacturer of high-end professional DJ equipment. Since its establishment in 1971, Numark has developed innovative technology and has been responsible for many industry "firsts". Numark products are currently available in over 100 countries. Numark - 11 Helmsman Avenue, North Kingstown, RI 02852. 



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