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Mixing two tracks on one side of the DN-D9000


This latest in Denon's innovative line of DJ products introduces many proprietary and "world's firsts" for professional CD players.  The DN-D9000 builds upon Denon's experience in manufacturing professional DJ oriented equipment, combining practical features and solid performance with several new never before seen functions. 

The DN-D9000 features Denon's new ALPHA Track Play/Mode, "a world's first," that allows independent and simultaneous playback of two tracks from the same disc, allowing manual mixing of two tracks (Sub and Main), using only one deck.  This new ALPHA track

playback allows for mixing of the Sub and Main tracks, as well as an integrated ALPHA track Pre-Monitoring function for monitoring the Sub track during Main track playback in real-time.

Other world's first's include an A-B Splice function which removes unwanted sections of a track seamlessly on the fly, the ability to create four Hot Start points per drive (Start Point A1, A2, A3 and A4), and the addition of up to 6 Stutter Cue play points. Another exclusive is the inclusion of 2 samplers per drive of the unit (approximately 15 seconds, CD quality). The user is also able to create up to four seamless Loops within a track or disc, which can further be adjusted via the jog wheel during Loop playback. 

Denon has included multiple other new features on the DN-D9000 giving the user the ability to control and create new sounds.  Besides the full sampling capabilities, the DN-D9000 has a built-in Effector function, providing 6 effects (up to four at a time), including Delay, Flanger, Filter (2 types), and Transform (2 types), all fully interruptable instantaneously using the Effector's Bypass button.  Also new is the inclusion of 5 Platter modes: Drag-S, which gradually raises playback speed to normal after playback is stopped; Brake, which gradually lowers playback speed to stop when Pause is pressed; Echo, which repeats and fades last playback sound when Pause is pressed; Reverse, which shifts playback into reverse when the Parameter button is pushed during playback; and Dump, which starts reversed playback for a specified time before returning to normal playback.  Furthermore, the DN-D9000 allows for the activation of either the Sampler, Effector, or Scratch effects any time during playback, with the ability to freely move between functions or even combine all 3 at once.  New CD player features such as the Auto/Manual BPM Counter, CD-R/CD-RW Disc Playback compatibility, and a new Constant Digital Out function for ensuring full sample frequency output with subcode despite playback speed, round out an impressive feature set for the unit. 

The DN-D9000 takes further refinement of Denon-original features, such as digital scratching, to a new level - not only does the unit allow scratching of CD audio in realtime, but Sample audio too may be scratched, with user-chosen directional sound movement (Forward, Reverse, or Both).  Denon's new ergonomically designed, large 70mm illuminated jog wheel helps give a more precise scratch and solid feel to the unit, also for use with the Platter Hold function, allowing for extreme pitch bends of ± 100%.

Denon standard functions such as 5,000 assignable Memo points, 25-track user-definable Program play / Random play, and 2 modes of Relay play hold down standard playback functions for the DN-D9000.  Further Pitch Control and Pitch Bend ranges give further tweaking of playback audio. 

As an added value to the user, and insurance of long-life operation and stability, Denon has also integrated the world's first user-replaceable CD drives into the unit, assuring zero downtime during field service and maintenance for the working DJ.  The longevity of the unit is further enhanced via the use of high-performance brushless motors, plus the DN-D9000's inclusion of a newly-designed remote control cable with more robust, self-locking ends.  In addition, a Shock-Proof memory of 16 seconds per drive helps ensure uninterrupted playback during the most intense sessions, while the fluorescent tube display with dot matrix text support, combined with illuminated action buttons and drive trays, also provide aesthetically pleasing convenience in low-light situations.  14 customizable Preset functions as well as compatibility with the Fader Start function of Denon's DN-X800 and DN-X400 Pro DJ mixers, as well as compatibility with the DN-X800's X-Effect function, make the DN-D9000 the ultimate Pro DJ Dual CD Player as part of a complete Denon DJ setup.

"The DN-D9000 represents the next generation of DJ products from Denon," states Wayne Dolnick, Director of Marketing/Sales.  "Working closely with leading DJ's, our design team has come up with the definitive CD player that provides unparalleled performance night after night.  We are very proud of this new piece."


Based on the layout and technology of Denon's acclaimed DN-X800 digital mixer, the 

DN-X400 takes full control of advanced mixing and performance features.  With the inclusion of 2 digital outputs, the DN-X400 makes it possible to record directly to the new Denon

DN-C550R dual CD recorder/player, as well as mark tracks on-the-fly with the new Track-Mark function found on the mixer's front panel.  Also included are Input Gain controls, along with HI, MID and LOW tone controls (-26dB ~ +10dB) on all four main channels, including the mic channel, for further manipulation and tweaking of input signal. 

The DN-X400 offers a wide range of input and output options for optimal performance and compatibility when building or adding to a specific setup.  10 different accessible inputs are provided for connecting to multiple devices of various formats - 8 line inputs, including 2 phono connections, and 2 balanced microphone inputs with Post on/off switches are included.  A balanced Send/Return effects loop provides even more flexibility when connected to outboard effects and other devices.  The unit's 6 outputs include 2 digital outs (S/PDIF and optical), balanced Master and Zone outputs, and unbalanced Master and Tape outputs.  A separate subwoofer output is also provided along with a control for crossover frequencies to be sent to the sub for greater sonic precision. 

Interface controls on the unit are laid out in an intuitive and performance-friendly manner.  High-quality VCA style 45mm slide faders provide for precise control of signal from subtle nuances to all-out full dynamic extremes.  Cross fader assignment selector and contour level controls allow for smooth and stable transitions between program material, while Cue and Program pan controls give the user even greater sonic separation capabilities.  For easy visibility and instant recognition, a split cue H/P monitor and display with a Zone meter adjustment are included.  For additional performance control, the subwoofer output may also be used to remotely trigger lighting effects with compatible devices.

The DN-X400 has a suggested list price of $500.00.


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