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ULX Standard and ULX Professional UHF Wireless Systems

Shure Incorporated today introduced its new ULX Standard and ULX Professional UHF Wireless Systems. These affordable systems, designed for both live performance and systems integration applications, feature Shure's world-renowned audio and proprietary Automatic Frequency Selection circuitry, an innovation which simplifies system set-up by automatically scanning a user's environment for open frequencies.

Both tunable models operate between 554-865 MHz and offer up to 1440 selectable frequencies across 36MHz that are organized into pre-programmed compatible groups. These groups enable a user to quickly set-up and operate up to 40 compatible systems simultaneously (area dependant) when both U.S. frequency bands are utilized. ULX receivers also include Predictive DiversityT"" circuitry which virtually eliminates RF dropout, as well as easy-to-read, multi-function liquid crystal displays for monitoring group/channel selection, battery level, and TV channel.

Well-equipped to satisfy professional needs, ULX Professional systems are able to scan all frequency groups to locate the one with the maximum number of compatible frequencies. Additional ULX Professional System features include: frequency and volume lockouts, advanced front panel controls, indicators for RF signal strength, furnished rack hardware, remote mountable 'h wave antennas, and an extruded metal chassis.

Along with ULX, a number of optional new wide band accessories are being offered, as well. Among them are: the UA844 Antenna/Power Distribution Amplifier, which enables the use of up to four ULX receivers with just one pair of antennas; the UA830WB Line Amplifier for boosting the RF signal from remote mounted antennas; and the UA870WB Powered Directional Antenna.

ULX Systems are available in over 30 system configurations with a variety of Shure's leading handheld, headworn, instrument, and lavalier microphone options, including the SM58®, Beta 58®, Beta 87A, Beta 87C, Beta 53, and WL50.

Shure Presents Performance GearTM Microphones

Shure Incorporated will officially unveil its new and extremely affordable Performance Gear Microphones at this year's Winter NAMM. The line, which is due to ship in the first quarter of 2002, is perfect for both the first-time buyer and the musician looking for reasonably-priced, application-specific microphones. Comprised of six models designed for vocals and various instruments, all Performance Gear microphones come packaged with cables and mounting accessories to provide plug-and-play simplicity, as well as rugged reliability for onstage performance. As a complement to its individual models, the Performance Gear line additionally includes a pair of drum mic kits, both of which come in their own carrying cases.

Vocal models include the PG48 and PG58. The PG48, created for speech and karaoke, has a cardioid pick-up pattern and a smooth frequency response. For more demanding vocal applications such as lead and back-up vocals, the PG58 offers a more tailored frequency response, an even tighter cardioid pattern, an internal shock mount to further reduce handling noise, and a dent-resistant hardened ball grille. Both models additionally feature die-cast metal housings with a black matte finish and convenient on/off switches


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