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APX-152 Professional Speaker

American Audio has entered the speaker market with the same quality and value found on its CD players, turntable systems and other audio gear.  The company has introduced the new APX-152 Professional Speaker, a 15-inch, 2-way speaker that will perk up the ears of professional mobile DJs with its superior sound. . .and "speak" to their pocketbooks with its incredibly low price. 

Featuring a rugged heavy duty woofer and 1" compression driver, the APX-152 is not only great sounding, it's also highly portable. Ideal for all mobile applications, the APX-152 is lightweight, durable and comes in a rugged plastic cabinet with handle for easy transport.

"The APX-152 has been designed to be the perfect speaker for the professional mobile DJ or touring band," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "This speaker has phenomenal sound and captures extreme highs and lows. 

"Not only that, the APX-152 was also designed to meet the real-world needs of mobile DJs and touring acts, with features like a self-contained carrying cabinet and handle." added Brown.  "It's lightweight, but also very durable, which means it can stand up to the rigors of traveling on the road."

At a suggested retail price of just $499.95, the APX-152 is loaded with high- quality features and offers a great dollar value.  Starting with its superior sound quality, the APX-152 has a rugged heavy duty woofer that hits the resonant tone and the high pitch, and also includes a 1" compression driver.

In addition to its excellent sound quality, the APX-152 speaker  is extremely versatile and can be positioned a number of different ways.  It has a built-in pole socket, allowing it to be easily mounted on any pole.  The speaker can also be hung on a wall, or placed on its side to be used as a stage monitor.

"Hearing the music when performing gives DJs an extra edge, because they can adjust the sound to their specifications,"  said Brown.  "The APX-152 is the perfect speaker for this application because it offers extreme sound quality and helps the DJ hear and produce precise tones." 

The speaker is also very attractive and gives the mobile DJ a professional appearance while performing on stage.  "Today's DJs want to not only sound good, they want to look good too, and the APX-152 was designed with aesthetics in mind," said Brown.

In addition to its plastic cabinet with carrying handle, the APX-152 also has an optional APX-B storage bag (sold separately) that is the perfect accessory to help transport the speaker.  The APX-B includes wheels for easy travel, and a ton of outside pockets that DJs can use to store speaker cables and other important audio equipment.

The APX-152 has dual 1/4" and Speakon inputs, with 2 frequency responses of (-3dB): 60Hz-15kHz and (-10dB):  45Hz-18kHz. Other high quality sound features include: Driver quantity:  Bass 15" x 1, Treble ED4401X1 and Dominal Dispersion:  90 degrees x 50 degrees (HXV).  Impedance:  8 Ohm; 225 W power handling and 900W peak power (@8 ohms).  Sensitivity:  96 dB/1W/1m.  Connecting jack:  NL4X2.


The APX-152 weighs 54 lbs., and has dimensions of 17.72" x 14.17" x 27.17".  Suggested retail price is $499.95


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