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Promo Only Announces the Release of Hot Video Classics (Best of 1987-1989)

Promo Only Announces the Release of Hot Video Classics (Best of 1987-1989)

Digitally Enhanced Classic Music Videos on one DVD!

Orlando, FL (February 13, 2002) - Promo Only, Inc., the nation's largest subscriber-based music and music video service, today announced the release of Hot Video Classics (Best of 1987-1989), the newest in its line of specialty DVD music video compilations.

"This is the perfect collection to cap a decade of great music, great video and great memories," said Jim Robinson, director, Promo Only. "I defy anyone to watch these videos without a smile on their face."

A collection of 38 music videos that completely capture the spirit of the times, Hot Video Classics (Best of 1987-1989) also offers a much-needed solution to the many drawbacks music professionals and retailers alike must face when considering offering music video.

"Inferior masters and duplication account for many of the problems that have troubled the industry for some time," added Robinson. "Audio quality has been particularly neglected as most companies currently offering a line of DVD music video merely pass on the audio as it has been tracked for release to television. As professional DJs all, we can tell you:  the audio signal that might work best for MTV will not sound so great on your system."

Promo Only resolves such quality issues by re-engineering both the audio and video signals of each music video in their state-of-the-art studios.  Each digitally restored selection is then encoded onto one double-layered DVD, allowing for three continuous hours of enhanced music video.

"We've designed Best of '87-'89 to not only make the perfect addition to our other classic compilations," said Robinson, "but to also offer a level of worry-free operation previously unavailable to those wishing to offer vintage video. No more fumbling with clumsy tapes; no more compensating for uneven audio levels; no more dealing with a video worn out by repeat plays. This is a collection that's as much fun to use as it is to watch."

Sample listings of the Best of 1987-1989 collection include: 'Miss You Much,' Janet Jackson, 'What's On Your Mind,' Information Society, 'Girls, Girls, Girls,' Motley Crue and 'Simply Irresistible,' Robert Palmer.

Hot Video Classics (Best of 1987-1989), a specialty DVD available without subscription, may be ordered by directing your email request to or by calling 407-331-3600. Complete track listings may be viewed by visiting Promo Only's web site at


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