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CD Hold Button

They call it the third hand and I have to agree it is link having a third hand to hold your CDs. My first experience with the CD Hold Button came from a sample pack the sent my way after I found them on-line. I popped open the plastic box and tried one of the buttons with a junk disc to see what would happen I dropped a disc over the top of it and it just hang there as if suspended in mid air, cool. From there I grabbed some Velcro and attached a piece to each CD Hold Button that way I could use them with my equipment case. At a gig it was great that I could just let the CD Hold Buttons take care of my discs instead of laying them on their back-sides with the possibility scratches and  unneeded dust. This is a must have little gizmo for DJs.

  • The CD Hold Button is an adhesive attached storage device which holds your CDs suspended in air within easy reach.

  • Easy on - easy off procedure make CD exchanges a breeze. 
  • Easy peel & stick removable adhesive.
  • Access your disks in a fraction the time of Jewel case access. 
  • Quickest interaction with small groups of favorite disks. 
  • Preserves your disks - data surface only touching air. 
  • Safer automotive disk exchanges with less bother. 
  • Promotes proper edge handling of disks.




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