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New Multi-track Mixing Software Released for Disc Jockeying and Home Music Mixing

March 9, 2002 - Tidal Productions LLC announces the release of OnCue Audio Mixing System, a multi-track editing system for mixing music digitally by Disc Jockeys or home users. Using a full-featured multi-track editor, all users can mix music together visually using a number of built-in aids such as a Mixing Wizard and Cue Points. The software also features built-in special effects, fault-tolerant Sound Server for reliability, and a music management system for tracking large music collections stored on and offline.

Disc Jockeys can also use OnCue for real-time mixing. Using a number of innovative features such as "Commit" and "Revert", Disc Jockeys can modify and test parts of their set separately from what is heard by the audience. This allows Disc Jockeys to experiment in real-time without the risk of the audience hearing incomplete portions of their mixes. Disc Jockeys also have the power of combining an unlimited number of tracks together with any number of built-in effects, enabling them to create more innovative mixes spontanously while their set is playing.

Home users can use a subset of OnCue’s functionality to mix their MP3 music together into continuous mixes. This allows home users to breathe new life into their digital music collections, by creating continuous mixes that they can burn onto compact disc or mini disc, for listening while working out or on the go.

A full-featured 30 day trial of OnCue is available for download at After that, users must purchase an activation code for the software to continue to work. A Mix Creator code can be purchase for $24.95, enabling enough features for making mixes for CDs or mini-discs. Alternatively, a Disc Jockey code can be purchase for $59.95, fully enabling the software for mix creation or Disc Jockeying.

For more information, send email to or visit our website at

USODJA Names Interim Executive

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Glenn Miller, CEO of the United States Online Disc Jockey Association, is proud to announce, the appointment of the interim President & Vice President, who will help shape and develop USODJA's future, taking to higher levels in this industry.

The new President is Dave Yantz.

Dave currently runs a single operator DJ service that was started in 1983.  He designed and built a unique 12-volt sound system in a 26-foot Snap-On Tool van. The system is capable of mixing and voice-overs and everything runs with 12 volts. The system is also capable of 128 dB of clean sound at full power.  

Dave was featured in Mobile Beat Magazine's 1996 Oct/Nov issue. He was chosen for their "In search of the best sound and light show on earth" article. Only 6 DJs annually are selected for this distinction. In their article they called his van the "Ultimate DJ Dream Machine."

Dave was on the cover and was featured in the National Entertainer Magazine in their March/April 1997 issue. Dave has served on other associations, and has moderated the boards at, USODJA/ and has been to a number of shows in the US.

You can reach Dave now at

The new Vice-President is Patrick McDonald.

Patrick has been a DJ for twenty-two years.  Two years as an on air personality doing morning show comedy and voices, six years in clubs from LA to Tampa, Florida.  The last fourteen years Patrick has owned and operated Twilight Entertainment, located in Findlay, Ohio. Eleven of those years were as a single operator, three years as a small multi-op with three units.

You can reach Patrick now at

We are currently taking applications for Membership Director and Secretary.

If you are interested, please email me at with a small bio and the position you seek!

Glenn Miller


NAME Presses Forward and Moves Ahead

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers (N.A.M.E.) takes "Full Time Service " to a new level.  N.A.M.E. announces the implementation of its new "24/7 Emergency Hot Line" for members.  Members will now have access to a live voice 24/7 to assist them with any vehicle or equipment breakdowns.  The emergency staff will do its best to get you the assistance you may need to resolve any matter within a reasonable amount of time.  It is hoped that this new service will show members that "Your" association will be there for you in your time of need. You're never alone!

NATIONAL TV EXPOSURE - N.A.M.E. has submitted presentations and proposals to 3 national TV network magazine shows.  These presentations are in conjunction with the upcoming wedding season and the wedding segments which are produced on these shows.  N.A.M.E. is proposing how it may assist by educating their audiences as to the importance of the entertainment at a wedding.  N.A.M.E. is hoping to get a portion of the segments to promote the association and educate them concerning careful selection of the entertainment.

Music - N.A.M.E. is in discussion with TM Century MusicÓ and R.P.M. MusicÓ to arrange networking deals with these 2 music suppliers.  They will be added to the list of music suppliers available to members once final arrangements are complete.

INSURANCE- N.A.M.E. is looking to expand its coverage to include inflatables and novelties at a reasonable rate.  It seems that many members are expanding their entertainment services by adding inflatables and novelties to their party package options.

GLOW PRODUCTS-  N.A.M.E. has added another source of glow products to its networking list of dealers. has joined N.A.M.E. and will be offering a 15% member discount by telephone only and you must mention N.A.M.E..  You may visit their web site or contact them at 888-920-4569 and ask for Dan Segel.

NETWORKING-  N.A.M.E. has made networking arrangements with and  DJ Zone is one of the most informational and informative sites for mobile DJs.  You will be able to join a long list of members at no cost as well as converse with the newbies and veterans in the industry.  DJ Zone also offers many resources for DJs and KJs and sends you a monthly online update.

USODJA Has New Search Engine

The United States Online Disc Jockey Association is proud to announce it has expanded its Search Engine Program to DJ’s from outside the U.S.A.

USODJA is providing this service so that brides from the US, getting married in other countries will have a source of djs to search from. At no time will we claim falsely to represent djs from around the world, and offer no additional benefits other than the search engine and networking, but we feel this is a good step to expand our horizons and get the standards of our industry raised.

More for information or to apply please go to and Click on the Join USODJA link on the main DJ index page.




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