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DJ Toys!

The toy makers have been busy this season creating toys that turn your children into DJs. Why not start them out early in the business with some cool tools just in time for the holidays? From live mixing to live broadcast  they will be able to everything you do and more. All of these are available at


DM2 Digital Music MixerDM2

The Digital Music Mixer turns your computer into a dynamic mixing studio with a hands-on controller driving powerful mixing software. The DM2 is the ultimate tool for the complete DJ experience.

Manufacturer Apzu, Inc.
Age Range 12 and up

  • Gives you the power to mix your own music

  • Plug it in and create the perfect mix
  • Record your mix and alter it with the software


Johnny Little Bot:  DJ Johnny Bot

DJ Johnny Bot

In a joining together of two worlds that don't traditionally meet, DJ Johnny Bot is a combination robot and karaoke machine. Happily, these two great tastes go great together. Johnny features two microphones, an antenna, and a tape featuring karaoke versions of four hit songs ("Love Don't Cost a Thing," "Stronger," "He Loves U Not," and "Survivor"). Also included is a remote control DJ unit with various effect buttons and a scratch wheel to create a hip-hop sound. In karaoke mode, you can sing along to the hits or juice up the beats with DJ sound effects. In dance mode, the remote control DJ unit lets you create music that anyone, including Johnny himself, can dance along to. There's also a radio mode where you can add the DJ effects to spice up the broadcast. Johnny took a little while to set up and he does hog the batteries a bit (five C, four AAA, and six AA) but given that he is a self-contained mobile party all by himself, we can easily overlook any other issues.


Little Smart DJ Jazz 'n Jam

This versatile instrument is so much more than just a keyboard. On the most basic level, kids can select one of 30 familiar songs and follow the directional lights on the keyboard to play the song. However, they can also spruce up a tune with the 20 musical sounds and 10 musical styles provided. They'll also be able to sing along using the attached microphone or record an invented tune and play it back later. The Little Smart DJ Jazz 'n Jam comes with two speakers and separate volume controls for music and microphone. Requires four C batteries (not included).


Party DJ Karaoke

Be the life of the party! Use any FM radio to transmit your voice or turn the dial and be your own DJ by speaking through the mike. 3 funky sounds will help to personalize your style. You can even pop a tape into the built in cassette player and invite everybody on the dance floor to boogie with your favorite stars.




Stacks and stacks of red-hot wax, all the platters that really matter... it's request-line action on AM 1610, broadcasting live from 30 feet away, with four AA batteries providing 6 volts of pure hit-making power! Yep, the drive-time "Morning Zoo" is about to get a touch wilder at your house with Radio DJ, Wild Planet's mini studio console that allows for wireless transmission over any home or car radio. Features include adjustable broadcast microphone and audiocassette deck (both with fade-in volume controls), push-button sound effects (laughter, cheering, a drum, and a buzzer), and even a patch cord to add favorite CDs to the playlist. With its limited broadcast area of 10 yards, it's not exactly a "pirate" station (it's even compliant with Part 15 of the FCC's regulations). With youngsters 6 years and older on the air, prepare to have yours rocked.




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