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Promo Only Teams with Much Music

Orlando, FL (December 3rd, 2001) - Promo Only, Inc, the nation's leading promotional music and music video service, today announced its original video dance remix of Arista recording artist, Usher's "U Got It Bad" is now in rotation on both the MuchMusic USA and MuchMusic Canada music video channels.

The video, directed by Little X (Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious," Foxy Brown's, "Oh Yeah," Kardinal Offishal's "Ol Time") and re-edited by the Promo Only video team of Nick Allard, Tammie Helmick and Grant Salisbury, debuted last month on MTV Europe.  With the addition of 'U Got It Bad'  to MuchMusic's programming, the video will now be available for viewing by an audience of over 180 million households, spanning two continents and 43 territories.

"This certainly validates what we've believed all along - that we have some extremely talented and creative people here producing a truly world-class product," said Pete Werner, executive programmer, Promo Only. "To have an in-house production such as this now airing in Europe, Canada and the USA is very gratifying."

Specifically designed to cater to the British 2-Step genre - a dance-niche that joins U.K. garage with R&B - the "U Got It Bad" video remix aims to introduce Usher to the world stage.

"It's a savvy move, playing to the increasingly globally-tuned music fan," said Werner of Arista's decision to offer such a video remix.  "We're obviously very pleased that Arista chose us to be a part of such a large-scale effort."

Arista also tapped the Danish production team of DJ Soulshock and partner Karlin  ("Probably the best R&B producers in the world," Arena Magazine, March 2001) for the project. It is their Soulpower remix that is featured in the final video.

Produced with the aid of Promo Only's digital AVID studio technology, "U Got It Bad" is, as Werner is quick to point out, ". . . typical of the high degree of creative craftsmanship we endeavor to bring to every project. We remain committed to offering the tools and talent the industry needs to take their artists to the next level."

Copies of "U Got It Bad" for domestic play may be ordered by directing your email request to or by calling 407-331-3600. No dealer inquiries, please. For detailed technical specifications of Promo Only's digital encoding process, or for MTV Europe or MuchMusic broadcast times and dates, we invite you to contact Promo Only video program director, Nick Allard at




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