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LONG  BEACH-Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., the world leader  in  professional  DJ equipment, today introduced Pioneer's first Pro DJ rack mount mixer, the DJM-3000.

To ensure the widest possible music-making flexibility, the DJM-3000 is equipped with  an  industry-first  Effect  Mix  Mode  that  easily and accurately effects phrases  in  a  BPM-linked  operation along with an improved auto beat effector.  Pioneer  developed  an  industry first effect that does a mix while doing a drum roll  to  the  beat of the music.  Named ROLL, this effect joins ECHO and ZIP as industry  firsts  for  DJ equipment that allow the DJ/Remixer to take his or her music to a unique new level.

For  Remixers, Pioneer added two digital outputs, each with a 20 bit/44.1kHz A/D converter for clean digital transfers.  For those Clubland Purists, Pioneer also provides rotary dials sold separately for smooth club mixing.

Pioneer  offers  the  most  accurate internal  Beat Per Minute counter in the industry.   The Auto BPM Counter automatically measures and digitally displays a track BPM  (measurement  range: 70-139 / 91-180  / 70-180 / Manual) allowing the  user  to  merge  one  song into another smoothly. Tapping on the TAP button enables the user to manually input BPMs of tracks that are difficult to measure.  DJs  can  now see the music beat, making it faster and easier to mix tracks with different beats.

The DJM-3000 incorporates all the effects of the DJM-600, including Delay, Echo, Auto  Pan,  Flanger,  Pitch  Shifter, Reverb, Auto-Transform, and Auto-Frequency Filter.   All  of these unique features are auto BPM effectable.  Linked to BPM, the   DJM-3000  can  add  effects  to  each  input  (Chanel,  Mic,  and  Master) independently.   The user can produce music that makes full use of high-level DJ techniques  by  performing  quick  setting  with  the  Beat  Unit Switch Button, adjusting  the  precise  time parameters, or controlling the balance between the effect sounds and original sounds by varying the mix ratio.  Moreover, even when using  the fader, it is possible to leave just the effect sounds without linking to the BPM.

Connected  to the CDJ and CMX Series CD Players, the DJM-3000 can begin playback of  a  tracking  using the sliding cross fader or the channel fader.  It can mix tracks  without  creating  spaces by setting the stand-by track $B!G (Bs cue point and performing  a  single-action  cut-in.  Since it returns to the cue point via the back fader alone, sampler-style playback is also possible.  The cross fader also has a selectable fader curve to fit all DJ styles.

The  DJM-3000 is equipped with a separate 3-band equalizer (HI/MID/LOW) for each channel.   This  arrangement  allows  the  stress of the instrument sounds to be adjusted  within the range of   26dB to +12dB.  The equalizer knobs are durable and easy to adjust to fit any mixing needs.

The  DJM-3000  will  be  available  at the end of February for a manufacturer suggested retail price of $1,099.

Other New Functions

  • Improved Talk Over level control: Mutes all levels apart from the microphone

  • Mic Switch (Mic Off/Mic On/Talk Over)
  • Line Inputs (7)
  • Switchable Phono/Line Inputs (4)
  • Fader Start Inputs (4)
  • Three Mic Inputs (one Neutric 2 ¨ù inch inputs)
  • Headphone Monitor Split (also called headphone auditioning)
  • Recording Output
  • Reinforced headphone jack
  • Frequency Response of 20Hz-20kHz (CD)
  • Signal To Noise Ration 87 dB (CD)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion Rate 0.02% or less (CD)
  • Dimensions:    -
    • W 482mm = 19 inches
    • D 220mm = 8-2/3 inches
    • H 107mm = 4-1/5 inches


Pioneer  offers a complete line of Pro DJ Equipment through its Pro Audio Group. Pro  Audio  products  have  a  one-year  warranty and are distributed nationally through distributors and retailers. For more information:




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