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Gem Sound has new MP-3 Mixer

Gem Sound has produced the first-ever MP3-compatible mixer in the Pro DJ market - the MP3-X Pro. Representing the next generation of DJ equipment, the groundbreaking MP3-X Pro lets DJs download MP3 files from the Internet and add them to the mix.

The six-channel MPX-3 Pro with slide controls is a versatile unit designed for use by both mobile and club DJs and home recording enthusiasts. Each of its channels has gain-, treble-, mid-, and bass-tone controls. There are inputs for five lines, two phonos, two mics, one CD, and an internal MP3 line, plus remote start for each channel. Additional features include headphone jack, VU level meter, BNC lamp connection, LED output indicator, removable crossfader, sound boost, punch/scratch control buttons, PFL (Pre-Fader Level) selector switch, talkover, cue, assignable effects send loop, and balance pan control. Using the MP3-X Pro, DJs can add a vast new quantity of sounds to their mixers simply by going online and downloading MP3 files. The MP3-X Pro connects to the user's computer through one of two USB ports. Files are downloaded onto an internal 32MB of memory. If DJs want to add more to their on-board library of music, there is also an expansion slot for a Multi Media Card (MMC) to add up to 64MB of MP3 memory. The MP3 file is played through a designated channel. The MP3 player has digital volume control, five programmed equalizer levels, repeat (single or continuous play) forward and reverse track, and LOOP-IN/LOOP-OUT (A-B). All the necessary software is provided for DJs to greatly expand their music collection and put it right on their mixer.




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