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DJ Miss Behavin'

Ever wondered how people make the step from DJing in backwater pubs to Europe's Superclubs?  The PLASA (Professional Lighting and Sound Association) Show's Gemini Extreme V DJ Competition, has launched several scratchers and mixers on the road to becoming Superstar DJs over the years.

Last year, DJ Miss Behavin', alias Niki Potterton, 23, from Brighton, trudged the streets of Ibiza pleading with promoters to give her a set, while unbeknown to her, her father entered one of her demo tapes in the PLASA Gemini V DJ competition.  Far from being annoyed with her father's secret initiative she was delighted when she received an invitation to take part in the finals.

Her career got off the ground through similar ingenuity five years earlier when a DJ friend dropped her in at the deep end by taking a 'toilet break' mid set.  She says, "He told me to put a few tunes on.  I thought he was joking but he just left me in the DJ box and the tune he had put on was getting shorter and shorter."

This was just the catalyst that Niki needed.  She had no time to be nervous. "I just got on with it. 

"I will always remember that moment when I dropped my first record, it was the best buzz in the world. If I hadn't been forced into it like that I don't think I'd ever have had the guts to play out", she recalls.

Last year, despite her five years experience, Niki was almost thwarted again by nerves. However, at PLASA 2000, she battled and overcame the butterflies in her stomach to bash out a set crammed with skills and quick, always uplifting, mixes.


Niki so impressed the judging panel that the DJ Competition sponsors at PLASA, Gemini Sound Products, offered her a sponsorship deal immediately after the competition.

Following her PLASA performance, she has secured bookings at Ibiza Superclubs and has many more bookings throughout Europe and the UK.  On top of that, she has also secured residencies for Insomnia at Camden Palace and Ascension at Ibiza's Es Paradis.

"This year, DJing has really taken off for me.  During the day, I'm either in the studio working on my own tracks or in the office where I run my own female DJ agency, Flipside DJs."

She'll definitely be returning to PLASA this September: "Technology changes so fast - it's good to keep up with what's going on and to see what new products are on the market.  PLASA is definitely the place to view all the leading DJ and Studio products under one roof."

Niki will be joined by many of last year's 12,996 visitors, and hopes to see more groundbreaking DJs emerge at the Extreme V, Gemini DJ competition, "Even if you don't win, it's good experience.  DJs should enter as many competitions as possible because you never know who might be watching you!"

Miss Behavin' has a few words of wisdom for this year's entrants - "Just don't let nerves get the better of you!", she says.




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