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Reputation & Responsibility
Who's On First?
Rob Zee

Recently, the "method of maddness" in marketing seems to be going down the same road. On TV, they promise 30 minutes FREE to talk to a real psychic-the fine print says for entertainment only, and the the first three minutes of the first 10 calls are free.  On the Internet, hucksters promise how you can make more money, with little or no work, when in reality, the only folks who will make money are those proposing the "scam."

"Stealing is stealing, lies are lies, cheating is cheating!"

To make a "fast buck," some folks resort to less than ethical tactics. To have happy, repeat customers, you have to be honest, have a good reputation, and be responsible. Remember that it is not "what you say" that counts-it is "what you do."

When your customers brag about the good job you are doing, it is easy to get more customers and make more money. If someone were to ask me what the single biggest "secret of success" is, I could say that maybe it is doing a good job, being honest, fair, doing a good job, or many other things-but I would be wrong. Sure, all of these things are very important. But the real "secret of success" is getting satisfied customers who like what you do, or sell, so much that the "tell others about you."

You need a good reputation and have to be responsible in order to gain the trust of your customers. Then, and only then, they will tell others to deal with you. It takes time and patience to build a good reputation with your customers. But as I always say:

By the inch, it's a cinch . . .





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