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Nov/Dec 2001

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Cut The Wires
Wireless Mic Problems
A Tech 201 Article
Wireless Mic Theory
$1200 gig on a $1.25 battery
Are you Being Stepped on?
Who's on your frequency?


Dan's Soup

Should You Play Music Provided By Guests
Dan McKay

Doing the Biz:
Powerpacked articles to help your business
Is This Too Much To Pay For A DJ? - Sid Vanderpool
Are you outpricing your area?
Reputation & Responsibility - Robert Zee
Who's on first
Building a Job or a Business? 
Can you sell your business and profit
Holiday Games
The Gamemiester is back!

Extended Education:
DJ Hearing Loss and Prevention -Rick Smith
What can you do to prevent it?
Blacklights - Paul Shillinger Jr.
Ever wonder?
Strobes - Paul Shillinger Jr.
Flash Dance

More Than a DJ:
Improving Your Wedding Video Quality
You can do better?
Is it Broadcast Quality?
How is your Video?

The Music & MP3:
AI the DJ
The DJs replacement?
Rip Vinyl
Convert your old library?
Disco Pt.2
It never died, did it?
Promo Only Music Charts
Lead the pack
Promo Only Teams with Much Music
Canada DJs Rally!

Hot Wire:
DJ News goes over 100,000 and NAME
Promo Only releases 1997

New Gear:
Scratching the Vinyl Itch
Two different ways to transform your
turntables into digital monsters!
Mackie Does a 15"
New Bi-amp powered speakers
Pioneer DJM-3000 Mixer
Their first rack mountable mixer
Gem Sound MP-3 Mixer
Your MP-3's at your fingertips

New Lights:
Chauvet Lays Out A Spread!
Check out their latest
Martin Releases the T-Rex!
Watch it roar

Conventions & Events:
LDI, Light Dimensions International
Proves it is not the quantity of attendees it's the quality.
DJ Expo West/The Club Show
Cancelled Due to International Events & Business Climate

Miss Behaven
Plaza 2001
Club DJing 101
Mixing beat patterns

Tech Talk
New Sound-Plug Tool
Perfect for those with powered Speakers
Avoiding CDR Failure
An operators manual





Veggie What?










American Audio







Karaoke Lounge

Marketing Karaoke
it's a jungle out there
Karaoke Humor
Top 26 Reasons I should sing next








DJ Toys!
For Your DJ Children
DJ Johnny Bot • Radio DJ • Planet DJ

DJ Profiles
Dr John Bisci
A Disco Legacy

DJzone Labs
Gemini SA600 -Paul Wright
Gemini PT2600 -Paul Wright



DJ Toys



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