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It May be DJ Times, But I Like It!
Sid Vanderpool

Ask a thousand people and you will get a thousand opinions. This year's DJ Times Expo was for DJzone one of the most lucrative and constructive shows we have ever been to, but if you ask a couple of our neighbors and they will say not much happened. DJzone managed to give away thousands of prizes to hundreds of DJs and make deals that it could never have done over the phone.

Through a poll we conducted, most all the people that have attended the show 1 to 3 times thought the show was great. They rallied in the new and different tricks of the trade that were reveled in the many seminars and like a sponge absorbed the music, trends and ideas that are all apart of the flagship show owned by DJ Times Magazine. Like kids during a sale at Toys R Us they filled their bags with toys and flyers. Once they found out what the word free meant at a DJ convention that was the first question when they walked into your booth followed by, "What do you do?" It was the glow on their faces that gave them away along with the three bags of junk hanging from their arms. These were the new generation.

Those that attended the show 4-6 times thought it could be better and suffered complacency by the DJ Times staff. They started to find fault with things and were at a point were they felt they had learned all there was to learn. The equipment deals were great and so were one or two of the seminars, but it just seemed to be missing something. The flare of the attending every single party at night gave way to small networking meetings held in the hotel lobby and hotel rooms. While they would have enjoyed watching the new g's run through the halls naked but they had business on their minds and were more focused on gleaning business ideas from their fellow DJs.

Finally those that have been to the show 7 or more times feel it is stuck in a quagmire of old traditions and lacks the luster it once had years ago. Most still find a thing or two to take home and use, but attend the show for the friendships that have been nurtured over the years. You must look a little closer at this generation of DJs due to the fact they were the founders and originators of many of the ideas and trends the  newbies DJs are crying for. During the last big production of the show KC of Spinnin Discs from Chicago and Randi Rae sat in chairs as did the "old guard" to watch the dances they once participated so diligently in. That night the winner of the DJ of the Year Award won by doing the same routine taught many years ago by DJ show veteran Roxanna Greene, it was not a new dance. His style, delivery, and motivation was the prize of his performance, but in the eyes of many senior DJs it was just another guy doing aerobics or ty-bo, something they left behind years ago.

Back on the expo floor we ran into Tom Quiner from Breakthrough Marketing and he mentioned that it was a very good show for him and that he always does very well at this show. Tom and many others were very happy with the attendance.

The DJ Times Expo takes on a life of it's own every year. Instead of stifling creativity it is encouraged and instead of ruling the seminars with an iron hand only a velvet glove is used because DJ Times trusts it's speakers will do a good job of presenting a quality seminar. Sometimes there will be a dud, but we must look at the successes that left those in attendance wanting more. As with any "live" show you will have a few problems. Those problems will be looked at and worked on for next years show. No one can take away from the fact it is the largest show a DJ on the continent can attend and it is still the best in our eyes. 

Should you attend a DJ Times Expo in the future? Of course you should. It is what could be considered the rite of passage for any DJ out there to attend the largest DJ show and convention on the face for the planet.



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