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How To Market and Perform at School Dances 
Pat O'Mack

First of, CJ, producer and star of this video is the man. 

I only wish there was a clone of him doing dances up here back in the day when I was in school. 

Without giving it away, CJ hits on all the major points of being a successful teen dance dj. I'll admit, even I've been missing some of the things he mentioned. Whether you've been doing teen dances for 20 years or are just 2 years in, buy the video. The "CJ Method" of teen dances imho is the perfect median between pleasing the administration and keeping the students happy.

He hits on everything: marketing, promotion, music, interaction, differences in grade levels, and community youth involvement.

He says it - know your market. CJ's taken it one step further, he knows just about the whole realm of the teen dance world. Face it, the guy doesn't gain national recognition without knowing how to do things and do things very well.

The biggest thing I got out of it was the interaction part. I'm a naturally shy guy and since the club gig has been going well, I've become a little more dormant on the mic. After seeing CJ rap like I've never seen a white man rap before........time to pump it up a few notches! 

If you're in a lull of school dances, buy the video. 

If the students are tickin' ya off, but you still want to do dances, buy the video. 

If you've never done a school dance, but want to, buy the video. 

Its all explained. I GUARANTEE you will walk away with SOMETHING to improve your show with from this video, or I will buy your copy from you at full price.

May the force be with you. 

The "CJ Method" will prevail.

This Video can be purchased directly from CJ:



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