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NAME Defends DJs Against Fleet Bank
N.A.M.E. has made every effort to alert the membership to an advertisement placed in major newspapers by Fleet Bank. This advertisement portrayed a bride embracing her father with a caption that read in part, "She chose a band instead of DJ". Needless to say, the association felt that this statement was extremely derogatory to the DJ industry.

The association has over the course of the past month been in contact with James Schepker, the Vice President of Marketing for Fleet Bank. Mr. Schepker has also been inundated with emails, phone calls and letters from outraged members of our industry. He has admitted that this advertising campaign was "Not well thought out". He was made aware of who and what N.A.M.E. represents and was immediately apologetic. His apology was accepted on behalf of the membership, but at the same time, he was informed that this ad campaign was totally unacceptable.

A great many phone conversations where exchanged with Mr. Schepker and as of this date, the association has been assured that this ad in all of its formats, print, television, direct mail and posters, has been discontinued. This decision, while not exactly what the association was looking for, has resulted in a loss of several thousands of dollars for Fleet Bank. Mr. Schepker has expressed his deep regret over this inadvisable choice in advertising content and has also commented on the number of emails he has received. He has also commented on the professional manner in which these complaints were made.

In our closing conversation, it was suggested that in reparation, Fleet Bank make a contribution to one of the relief charities. We were informed that Fleet has already made a commitment for over four million dollars in donations. He understands that some of our members may choose to change banks and he respects their decision.

Mr. Schepker requested that members contact him if they should see this ad in the future. The association will consider this issue closed at this point and hopes that members will appreciate the efforts extended to defend the rights of its members and the industry at large. It also points out that we, as professional mobile entertainers must continue in our efforts to educate the public with regard to our industry and to constantly be on guard to protect our hard fought reputations as a legitimate industry.

DJ3 Cancels
For the last few years DJ3 the DJ show brainchild of Brett Reece from Atlanta Georgia has been struggling to hit the 125 people mark for it's attendance. Last year according to many, "it was not much to write home about." This small show was mostly centered around a few DJs getting together for some networking, much like the small meeting others hold around the country.

The announcement came down October 5 that due "to the recent current events of the world, and just the feeling of uncertainty all across the country".




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