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Who Controls Your Music?

The stage is set for the largest wedding in your town's history. They are expecting 1500+ guests. It will be held on the greens at the local country club un beautiful white tents. No expense has been spared. Caterers are being imported fro the big cities and a portable kitchen will be brought in. The flowers are flown in from Hawaii and the Bride's gown is a designer original. It is a wedding fit for a soap opera and the entertainment they have chosen is you.

This is the gig of the century that has come along where the Bride is willing to pay $2500+ for your services to have you personally play for her reception. During your consultation you are presented with a 3 page list of music. This list is filled with odd songs that are not really danceable. Really looking a little closer the lists are filled with music that is just plain crap! Album cuts, B-artists, imports, etc. She informs you that she and her fiancee spent two days choosing the music and this is the ONLY music she wants played. She is atimate about you playing only those songs.

Remember all eyes will be on this wedding, the media is setting up shop. On one hand you will never play at a more prestigious gig than this wedding and on the other hundreds of future clients could be in attendance. What do you do? Who controls your music?

Party Central
Here's what I always do (regardless of how "high profile" the client is). 

"It's obvious you've put a lot of time and energy into preparing the music for this event. We'll be happy to play it. However, there are sometimes situations where the guests are not responding to the music you have put so much thought into and they would prefer something else. If that happens at your event we will discuss the situation with you at that time and go accord to your wishes. We want you to be happy but we also want your guests to be happy."

I've done several where they even went so far as to pre-record everything on tape or cd and I all did was switch from one to the next. Most of the time the music doesn't work (in my opinion) but the client is always happy with the results.

I would further put a small sign (visible only from a few feet away) that the music was pre-selected by the client and that we unfortunately can't honor any other requests.

Peter Merry
Last Dance
In all my years I have never, ever been put in this position. I have had clients write huge requests lists and even rpovide a stack of unusual CDs, but I have never had them limit to music that obvioulsy sucked.

But I would approach it in this manner... 

I would pull out all of the danceable songs and save them for dancing and then pre-mix the other requests to play during the cocktail hour and especially during the meal. I would do my best to stick to their requests during dancing, but if they didn't give me at least a little leway to mix in other requests for dancing, I may opt to pass on the job.

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