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American Audio's Pro-DJ2FX CD Player

American Audio has made one of its  best-selling professional single CD players more EFFECT-ive than ever. The company has introduced the PRO-DJ2FX single CD player, a next-generation version of its popular PRO-DJ2, which comes packed with a whole line-up of new on-board digital effects.

Reverse Play, Skid, Coast are among the hot new effects that have been added to the PRO-DJ2FX.  At the push of a button, DJs can inject these, as well as a Bop Effect, into their performance.

"The PRO-DJ2FX was designed for CD jocks who want to add some really terrific effects to their music," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "With these easy-to-use, on-board digital effects, the PRO-DJ2FX opens new possibilities to produce exciting sounds on a CD, play music backwards and even give it the sound of a vinyl record."

For example, when the Coast effect is activated, the music will wind down very slowly.  The effect produced is an analog-type sound similar to that of a spinning turntable.

Not only does the PRO-DJ2FX put these great sound effects right at the user's fingertips, it also allows DJs to add them "on-the-fly," as the music is playing.  That's because the PRO-DJ2FX includes another new, advanced feature, DSP (Digital Signal Processing), a cutting-edge technology from American Audio that allows more than one function to be performed on the CD player at a time.

"What DSP Technology does is allow multi-tasking on a CD player," explained Brown. "The bottom line for DJs is that they can call up features and add effects instantly, on-the-fly, with no waiting or lag time. With its new digital effects and DSP technology, the Pro-DJ2FX helps DJs be faster, more creative and take their performance to the next level."

The Pro-DJ2FX  will also help safeguard DJ performances against bumps and grinds, thanks to another new feature --Anti Shock Protection.  The CD player features 20 seconds of anti-shock memory to help keep the beat flowing without interruption.

Along with its new effects, DSP Technology and Anti-Shock Protection, the Pro-DJ2FX still includes all the popular features found on the Pro-DJ2 CD player.  Among these are: Fader "Q" Start (when used with an American Audio Q Series mixer); Seamless Loop; True Instant Start; and Flip Flop, which, when two CD players are linked by cable, will automatically start playing the second deck after the first is finished.  The ProDJ2FX also offers Digital Output and Selectable Pitch Control (+/-8%, +/-12%, or +/-16).

Other features found on the Pro-DJ2FX include: 4 cue buttons, +10 track advance button, 30 programmable play tracks, 10 Cue memory buttons, auto cue function(-48dB), single/continuous/repeat play and pitch display. The Pro-DJ2FX has a frequency response of +/-1.0dB 20Hz-20KHz, OdB; a signal to noise ratio of 84dB; and a total harmonic distortion of 0.02%.  Sampling rate is 44.1kHz at normal pitch, and over sampling rate is 8 times with search accuracy of 1/75 sec. (1 subcode frame).

For easy reading, the Pro-DJ2FX has a bright LCD screen with wide viewing. A Sleep Mode Protection feature automatically shuts off the laser diode after a 15 minute pause.  The unit also includes 60-second Transport Protection.  The latter feature automatically closes the CD tray after it has been left open for 60 seconds to prevent damage during transport. 

Weighing only 5.3 lbs., the Pro-DJ2FX has dimensions of 10.25" x 8.5" x 4 5/8". It features a front load CD tray and a striking silver colored aluminum face plate that allows disc jockeys to look as good during a performance as they sound.

Another "effect" the Pro-DJ2FX offers is cost-EFFECT-iveness.  Its suggested retail price is just $449.95




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