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Digi Pro Professional Digital CD Scratching System

American Audio has announced a major breakthrough in digital scratching.  The company has unveiled the Digi Pro Professional Digital CD Scratching System, a revolutionary audio system that makes it possible to scratch on a vinyl record -- and have the "scratching sounds" emit from a digital CD. 

The amazing Digi Pro is the first DJ scratching system to combine the turntable with the CD player, to achieve a new level of authenticity in digital scratching. The system consists of three components: the Digi Pro Professional Dual CD player; a Scratch Box; and a Vinyl Record that contains no audio signal and produces no music. 

When a DJ scratches on the vinyl record, the actual scratching manipulations that he or she creates are transmitted to the CD. The"scratching sounds" are then exactly reproduced in the music that's playing on the CD.

The secret to the Digi Pro's magic-like ability to transform vinyl scratching into CD sounds lies in its unique Scratch Box.  The Scratch Box features a revolutionary interface technology that allows the analog manipulation of a digital signal.

The process can be likened to a remote control unit controlling a TV, explained  John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio.  "Just like there's no tuner in your TV remote control, there's no audio signal in the vinyl record," said Brown.  "The vinyl record is just a vehicle for producing audio sounds on the CD.

 "Simply put, the Scratch Box takes the 'scratching' that's being performed on the vinyl record and uses it to manipulate the digital sounds of the compact disc," Brown added. "Thanks to this breakthrough technology, digital scratching on vinyl has become a reality."

With the Digi Pro system, DJs get the true analog sound -- and feel -- of turntable scratching.  Yet, at the same time, they enjoy the convenience and economy of using digital CDs, as opposed to vinyl records, which are more expensive, harder to obtain and more bulky to transport.

As the first product to "marry" vinyl scratching with a CD player, the Digi Pro has been hailed as a breakthrough by leading club DJs across America, including nationally-known DJ Skilz, the host of Las Vegas's top-rated Club Rio. "For CD jocks that literally want the true feel of vinyl, the Digi Pro offers a long-awaited solution," said Skilz.

Although its ability to provide vinyl scratching on a CD player is truly remarkable, this isn't the Digi Pro's only cutting-edge innovation.  The Digi Pro is loaded with today's hottest features and effects, making it one of the most advanced and complete professional dual CD players on the market . . . even if it didn't have digital scratching!

Among the great features on the Digi Pro are: Tempo Lock (allows speed of track to be changed without altering vocals); Seamless Loop; Anti-Shock Memory (20 seconds per side); Fader Q Start (when used with an American Audio Q-Series Mixer); and Flip Flop (automatically switches from one CD player to the other).  There are also some terrific on-board effects, including Filter, Coast, Reverse Play and Bop.  What's more, the Digi Pro features DSP Technology (Digital Signal Processing), a multi-tasking capability, which allows DJs to call up features and add effects on the fly.

Additional features include: Digital Output, Instant Start, Tap Sync, Beat Counter, 30 programmable tracks, Frame Search, 4 programmable cue points with instant start, and 8x Oversampling, 1 bit D/A converter.

Suggested retail price of the complete Digi Pro Professional Digital CD Scratching System is $1,149.95.  This price includes the Digi Pro Professional Dual CD Player, the Scratch Box, and the SB-12 Vinyl Record that contains no audio.  A stand-alone Scratch Box Kit containing a Scratch Box and SB-12 Vinyl Record is also available for a suggested retail price of $149.95.




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