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The Kanguro System

The idea

The latest result of OUTLINE’s revolutionary “Volumetric Sound Series” philosophy is the most versatile tool that musicians, orchestras or bands could want. Kanguroâ is the first wide-range loudspeaker system (international patent) made up of two separate components, a Satellite and a Subwoofer, which fit one inside the other. The incredible innovation consists in the fact that the sub contains the satellite, to reduce space occupied during transport to the utmost: that’s why Kanguroâ can be loaded into an average station-wagon and still leave plenty more space for other gear. In fact, there’s no other system on the market which takes up the same amount of space and from just 0.13m3 is able to push out an spl of 130 decibels at a metre: and with such low distortion. Kanguroâ is currently available in two models: “A”, active (self-powered), bi-amped, with an electronic crossover between the sub and the satellite and a passive filter in the satellite, between low and high; the PWM digital power amps of the latest generation, one inside the sub and the other in the satellite, place this system at the top of the class among self-powered enclosures. On the other hand, the other version, the “P” (passive), requires external amps and processors, with which it’s possible to carry out precision settings and obtain cutting edge acoustic results.

The Subwoofer

The Kanguroâ system’s subwoofer, a sturdy trapezoidal unit with small dimensions (55 x 55 x 60cm.), is fitted with a 15” woofer able to handle 500 W (AES) and going down to 35Hz with remarkable control and articulation. As far as the actual cabinet is concerned, there are four integrated handles, a hexagonal steel mesh speaker grille and a speaker stand socket. On the bottom panel, hooked on via hinges which enable it to be swivelled through 180°, is the hatch for storing the satellite, particularly solid and able to stand up to any undesired vibrations. It’s opened easily and quickly using a T-key supplied with the system.

The Satellite

The Kanguroâ system’s satellite is an exceptionally compact two-way unit with two loudspeakers and built-in passive filter. The mid-low section has a 12” cone speaker in “bass-reflex” configuration, with a neodymium magnet, and handles 200W (AES). The mid-high section has an Outline OUT4  1” compression driver able to handle 50W (AES): this component, based on Outline’s exclusive patented UNIMETALâ unit, stands out for its capacity to reproduce “mid-high” frequencies with great accuracy and is loaded with a horn in very rigid fibreglass which ensures extraordinarily uniform polar dispersion over an angle of 90°. The cabinet has two practical integrated handles to facilitate transport or when removing it from the hatch in the subwoofer. This set-up also comes complete with the “Stack Align” system – already used on Outline’s top-end speaker enclosures – to enable the acoustic centres of the system’s two enclosures to be aligned (see illustrations): this is very useful for increasing vertical directivity, thus covering long distances.

The Trasducers 

The mid and high frequency section of the Kanguro system uses a cutting edge component, the Outline OUT4 driver. This unit is based on the Unimetalâ – one of Outline’s most famous international patents – and is capable of top performance thanks to a very thin membrane in aluminium and magnesium alloy, obtained by means of a very sophisticated manufacturing process; the acoustic result in practical terms is transparent extremely dynamic signal reproduction, able to render even the smallest sound details, in absolute respect of transient response speed.


sefour Introduces New DJ Stand

X25 dj stand (cd bracket not included)

Now collapsible with quick release pins.

Now updated to accept all current turntables*.

Now updated to allow the turntables to be positioned close to the mixer as in "turntable position example 2" above.

* many turntables have the same main body and feet dimensions. The x25 dj stand has been designed for the following turntables types and their variants.

Technics 1200/1200, vestax pdx 2000, gemini pt2410, citronic pd1 and numark tt1510. Please send an email to stating your  turntable model and we will advise if is suitable for the x25.

All-purpose design can be used in any environment. Suitable for use in home studio or residence work in bars.

The design was created to eliminate sound resonance. The x-shape turntables frame design isolates low frequency away from the turntables. Equally, any movement from mixing is absorbed in the frame and not transmitted to the other turntable.

The x25 allows an identical acoustic performance to the x30 console and in addition offers a space saving design.

Other features include:

  1. Ergonomic dj equipment stand

  2. Rotate & lock the turntables to various positions
  3. Tilt and lock the mixer to any angle
  4. Position amplifiers etc on the lower shelf
  5. Available in black or metallic silver

Height:100 cm 
Depth: 50 cm
If used with a small mixer: 105 cm
If used with a large mixer: 150 cm

Weight: 21 kg i.e. transportable.

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