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The First Lady In My Life
Groom Mother Song

Sung in the style of Harry Connick, Paul Todd does wonderful job of this new tune written especially for DJs to play at weddings for the Mother/Son dance. Like the song Butterfly Kisses does for the Bride & Father dance, The First Lady In My Life will make for a special emotional moment for the Mom and her son without getting overly corny. I would rate this an 8.5 out of ten of must get songs for the coming year.

One other thing the CD comes packaged in a novel way. It is enclosed in a gift card that can be presented by you or the groom to Mom after the dance so she may forever reminisce that special moment.




The First Lady In My Life 

From sleepless nights and rocking chairs

Your smiling face was always there

From little trucks and building blocks

You held my hand while I learned to walk

You were my best friend, my inspiration

The one I looked up to..

Hey Mom...The First Lady In My Life Was You


There were bedtime snacks and nursery rhymes

For goodnight prayers, there was always time

You taught me to live by the golden rule

Made sure I got to Sunday School

You disciplined with Love my whole life through

A gentle touch was all I ever knew..

Hey Mom...The First Lady In My Life Was You



Then later on, came sports and games

You'd sit in the stands and call my name

And win or loose, you'd smile and say

"Son I'm proud of you, everything's OK"

You were the one, I'd always turn to

When times were sad and blue..

Hey Mom...The First Lady In My Life Was You


There's so many things to say thank you for

Birthdays, camping and so much more

The little things that mean so much

Like laundry done with a loving touch

And who could forget, three meals a day

Carpools, scouts and PTA's..

Hey Mom...The First Lady In My Life Was You



So here we are today, now I'm finally grown

About to take a wife, and start a family of my own

Everything I am, I owe to you

You molded me so carefully and you saw me through

It's hard to tell you how I feel, without a lot of mush

But I must tell you true..

Hey Mom, I'm So Glad...The First Lady In My Life Was You





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