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DMX Fascinator Triples

From the ancient Egyptian pyramids to a scandalous menage a trois, triangles have always had the power to fascinate us.  Now, American DJ has brought the triangle's spellbinding allure to club lighting with the Fascinator, a DMX lighting unit that features a unique 3-sided rotating glass prism.

The Fascinator's triangular prism is made of dichroic colored glass. The effect also includes 10 mesmerizing gobo patterns on a single color/gobo wheel, consisting of dots and circles in different sizes and configurations.  As the triangular prism rotates, each gobo pattern multiplies into three, shooting out triple images across the dance floor.

But that's not all -- adding to the multiple gobo effect are the Fascinator's 4 internal mirrors.  The rotating gobos bounce off the mirrors, creating even more images and movement as the circles and dots whirl around the room in a colorful frenzy. 

The colors produced by the Fascinator are exceptionally vibrant, thanks to the combination of the color wheel and the prism's dichroic colored glass. All in all, the effect produced by the Fascinator is.... quite frankly.... fascinating! 

"The Fascinator offers an eye-popping combination of vibrant colors, extravagant gobo patterns and lots of movement," said Scott Davies, General Manager of American DJ. "The 3-sided rotating prism is a great feature that really adds to the visual intrigue, and the four mirrors further multiply the lighting effects."

In addition to these "fascinating" features, the Fascinator includes an exciting strobing effect. A sound-activated unit, the Fascinator is very versatile, capable of being operated in three modes: Stand Alone, Master/Slave, or DMX.

In Stand Alone Mode, the Fascinator will chase to the beat of the music using its own built-in programs.  The fixture comes equipped with a sensitivity knob that allows users to adjust the intensity of its reaction to sound. In Master/Slave Mode, up to four Fascinator units can be linked together for a synchronized sound-activated light show.  An optional MINI/C controller (sold separately) is available to control blackout.

The Fascinator can also be operated in DMX Mode, which allows individual fixture traits to be controlled with any universal DMX-512 controller, such as the American DJ Show Designer. The Fascinator is equipped with 3 DMX channels, one for controlling each of the following functions:  gobo wheel, mirror dish rotation, and dichroic lens movement. 

Extravagant though its effects may be, the Fascinator is one "extravagance" that won't break the budgets of clubs and DJs.   Its suggested list price is just $339.95.

"The use of innovations like rotating prisms and mirrors not only creates a more exciting light show -- it also allows us to deliver greater value to the end-user. By incorporating features like prisms and mirrors, we can offer a fixture that produces more effects at a lower cost," Davies explained.  

A user-friendly fixture, the Fascinator includes an easy-access lamp replacement door and a hanging bracket for convenient mounting. Weighing 22 lbs., with dimensions of 11" x 15.5" x 4.5", the Fascinator is fan-cooled and has a suggested retail price of $339.95.



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