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American DJ's Cross Flash

American DJ is giving clubs and DJs a new way to create "X"-citement on the dance floor . . . without going to a lot of "X"-pense.  The company has introduced the Cross Flash, an innovative sound-activated lighting effect that creates unusual flashing criss-cross patterns.

The Cross Flash produces its X-like images with 6 colored beams which rotate and bounce off of 6 mirrors to the beat of the music.  The effect also includes special sensitivity knob that controls the intensity with which the flashing lights respond to sound activation. 

Ideal for small clubs and mobile DJs, the Cross Flash will add eye-popping effects to any venue with its flashing multi-color criss-crossing beams. Best of all, the effect is very affordable, thanks to its use of reflective mirrors, which create the magical illusion of magnifying the light's movement.

"Many of today's special effects fixtures are using mirrors to bounce and spread beams to generate more lighting excitement," said Scott Davies, General Manager of American DJ.  "The Cross Flash is a good example of how using multiple mirrors on a fixture will enhance the lighting effects, without increasing the cost of equipment."

The Cross Flash's 6 shiny mirrors are all fused together at slight angles, giving the exterior of the fixture a 6-sided hexagon-like shape. At these angles, the mirrors capture and reflect each of the Cross Flash's 6 brilliant beams and spread them out over a wider area. As the colored beams rotate and bounce off the mirrors, the unique criss-cross pattern is produced.

The effect's music sensitivity knob gives it the versatility to accommodate any club atmosphere. With an easy adjustment of the knob, the Cross Flash can flash up a storm as the rhythm really rocks, or it can slowly sway as the music quiets and the crowd mellows.

Another user-friendly feature found on the Cross Flash are easy-access doors that take the chore out of changing lamps.  The Cross Flash is fan-cooled and includes a hanging bracket for easy mounting.

For all of its "X"-citement and "X"-tra features, the Cross Flash isn't very "X"-pensive. Suggested retail price of the Cross Flash is $219.95.

"The Cross Flash offers great special effects and user-friendly features at a very affordable price," said Davies.  "This innovative mirrored fixture is in keeping with American DJ's commitment to provide working DJs and clubs with ever more value for their money."

The Cross Flash also features a compact design to meet the portability needs of the mobile user. It weighs only 10 lbs., and has dimensions of 10.75" X 11.5" X 11.25".





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