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Turnin' da Tables Pt. 2

Next in line, the owner of the Liquid Lounge gives us HIS spin on running a hot club in Nashville...This is Josh Buzzard!!!

JB:  I'm with Josh Buzzard?  How do you say your last name?

JOB:  "Buzzard" , just like the bird.

JB: That's a unique name; that's your real name?

JOB: you're not gonna forget it.

JB: It reminds me of "Cherchez la femme", Dr. Buzzard and the Original Savannah Band. Remember that record?

JOB: There you go, that was "old school"...

JB:  yeah!  I'm "old school"! and I transcend to the new school; but the first time we met, you hadn't created this room we're in - the VIP room now.

Tell me the history of the Liquid Lounge up to this point in time, right after the Fourth of July in the double-oh-one!?...

JOB: Sure enough!  The bottom line is this company is founded by Bartenders.

It's a group of guys who know how to throw a party and have a good time.

Basically what we do is we do is we try and make sure that everybody who comes in here is welcome to our house, and that they have a good time when they come.  We try and play the best music; give the best service that we can possibly give, and in the meantime create a Parrty!  That's what we do.  It's fun workin' here; I like workin' here; I think everybody that works here is the same way, and the people that come in, they can sense that vibe, they sense that feel; and when they show-up they realize, we're all havin' a good time, and they have a good time too.

JB:  You're the Manager?

JOB: I'm the General Manager, yeah.

JB: I noticed on a flyer for your outdoor concert last week that there's a Liquid Lounge in Charlotte?

JB: Liquid Lounge in Charlotte; we've just bought our next two stores.

Unfortunately I'm not able to disclose that information on their location right now...

JB:  You call'em "stores".  That's interesting, I like that.  When I was in the car dealer business, like, Ford called their showrooms "stores".  I've never heard that association with clubs before.  Why do you do that?

JOB: Well you know, that's what we do, we're a business.  We sell liquor and a good time.

JB:  I like that, that's a good slogan!

JOB:  Yeah, I mean, we're here to have a good time and make money!

JB:  Okay, I see you're havin' a good time.  I checked you out standing on the bar, pouring shots into the young ladies ready and waiting...

JOB: Yeah!  We get wild and crazy up in here, ya know, like what can you say,

We're a company founded by Bartenders.  So we all know how to party, that's for sure.

JB:  So let me ask you, what is "Dancing On The District" all about?

JOB:  Downtown every Thursday night they have dancing out on the riverfront, ya know.  They have twelve bands, sixteen bands, however many bands and those bands come out and play.  There's usually a pretty good following that comes down for that.  So our Thursday night crowd is more of those people who have already come to see a concert, and they come out to dance afterwards down here at the Liquid Lounge.

JB:  Oh, so they migrate from the river concerts over here?

JOB:  Yeah, and we cut down on the dress code on Thursdays; it's not quite as strict.  It's more of just a relaxed club, and Lounge around and have a good time on Thursdays.  Whereas like on Mad Monk Wednesdays it more of a dressed-up sort of deal.  Fridays and Saturdays it pretty dressed-up in here too!

JB:  That's where we met, on a Mad Monk Wednesday night!  A night with a real New York City feel to it.  Tell us more about Mad Monk Wednesdays!

JOB:  Wednesday nights what we do basically with Mad Monk is we're booking the best DJs Nashville has to offer.  Right now we start with Acid Jazz with Mind Dubb.He spins, and then we get a little bit harder as the night progresses; a little bit Trance House and as the night goes along it gets a little more "dancy"....  That's what we try to do, really bring that style of music to Nashville.  There' a lot of people who really appreciate it, and just don't have anyplace to find it, so that's what we provide on Wednesdays.

JB:  I'll tell ya, being from New York City, you've got a club here with a real

Greenwich Village feel to it.  Give the readers your address so they can stop by when in town...

JOB: We're located at Second Avenue and Broadway on the corner there.

Liquid Lounge open 9pm to 3am, Wednesday through Saturday nights.  We'd

Love to see everybody come on out and have a good time with us.  It's out house, and you're invited..

JB: like that.  And I see since first we met you added this nice VIP area, and a lotta pretty ladies.

JOB:  There's always pretty ladies at the Liquid Lounge, and the gentlemen just seem to follow.

JB:  That's the formula!!  You see, people think of Nashville as Country & Western, but you prove there's so much more to it than that.

JOB:  We got nothin' ta do with Country & Western, I can tell ya that.

JB:  That's right!  What's comin' up between now and Labor Day; for the rest of your summer.?

JOB:  Well, I can tell you that the next two Wednesdays, first of all we're doing dressed-to -kill.  Come out and dress-up in your best clothes; we're giving away dinner for two at Six Degrees, a full body massage from Essential Therapy, free limo service all night long, the VIP Room, bottles of Champagne, as well as


JOB: On the last Wednesday, which is two Wednesday from now, we're giving away a three day, all inclusive trip to Santa Belle Island in the Carribean!

Hotel, all the food they want...

JB:  Is this a dance contest?

JOB:  No, it's whoever dresses the best on Wednesday night; it's gotta be a couple.  Two guys, two girls, a guy and a girl, whatever, it's gotta be a couple, it's gotta be a pair.  We haven't really tackled Labor Day yet, but I can promise your readers that we'll be blown-out!!  We're pretty much packed on every major holiday.

JB:  So as we kool here on the Thursday after July the Fourth, for my DJs reading this column how can they get in touch with you to possibly spin here?

JOB:  Most definitely!  At Liquid

JB: Simple as that.  Thanks for speaking with me and!!!


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