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Dimension 3

Front Panel volume control with output meter display and clip indicators
5 Way Binding Banana plug and 3 Speakon® output
Crossover for subwoofer with 20-200Hz frequency adjust
30Hz and 50 Hz low frequency roll off filters
Internal Compression limiter with electronic protect for short circuits 
2x dual speed fans coupled with heat sink cooling

Axis 8 

130mm Jog wheel with real time scratching
Key Lock (Master Tempo) up to 100% with Key Change Capability
Built in Beatkeeper with Automatic Synchronization
2 Seamless Loops with 3 Hot Stutter Starts
12 Advanced Beat Synched Effects
Adjustable Pitch Range from +/- 6, 12, 25 and up to 100%
User customizable feature sets 
Six way Fader/Relay/Remote Start Stop ConnectionsU
p to 48 seconds of AntiShock buffer memo
Recessed Rear Input Panel with Digital Output
CD Transport Bay Illumination Light
CDR Compatible* (dependent on recording conditions)

Axis 2

130mm Jog wheel and 100mm Pitch Fader
10 seconds of Anti-Shock buffer memory with Instant Start
Adjustable Pitch Range from +/- 8 to 16%
BPM counter
Recessed Rear Input Panel with Digital Output
All Rubber Buttons
CDR Compatible* (dependent on recording conditions) 
Play/Pause or Play/Re-cue Playback
Laser Saving Sleep Mode

Matix 3

3 Phono/6 line Inputs with Gain, Independent PFL Meters and 3 Band Rotary EQ Kills
Microphone Input with 2 Band Rotary EQ
Multiple Output Signals: Master, Zone, Record and Fader Start
True Optical Omega® Cross Fader with Extra Wide Knob
Selectable Punch In/Out Transform buttons
Dual BNC Light Connectors, Recessed Rear Panel
Effect Processing on all input channels with Blend Level Control
-40db Kill Toggle Switches for Bass, Midrange and Treble Bands
Quarter Inch and One Eighth Inch Headphone Outputs with Split or Blend Style Cueing
8 Position Rotating and Replaceable Input Toggles


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