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American Audio Q-Spand Features WOW! Technology

American Audio

American Audio's Q-Spand mixer helps maximize an audio system's volume output and create a surroundsound-like effect.

The Q-Spand is a solution for mobile DJs who want to produce big sound without the expense-or inconvenience-of king-size speakers. Not only will the Q-Spand amplify the volume produced by a small two-speaker audio system, the multidirectional mixer will make it sound as though additional speakers have been placed throughout the room.

The Q-Spand is also designed for small clubs or anyone on a budget who wants to beef up their audio capabilities without buying a new system. Another market includes MP3 users who want to enhance sound quality.

The Q-Spand uses a new technology called WOW! audio enhancement from SRS Labs Inc. The WOW! algorithm produces a sound image field that's wider and taller than the physical capabilities of the actual speaker. It enhances a system's audio performance without the need to enlarge or add speakers.

A four-channel unit, the Q-Spand easily hooks up to any audio system, just like a conventional mixer, without need for special modifications.

In addition to maximizing sound, the Q-Spand will provide Fader "Q" start when used with an American Audio CD player. This feature lets users crossfade directly to pre-programmed digital cue points on a compact disc. There are on/off buttons for Fader "Q" start on each channel.



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