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Make "Wired" Mics Wireless with Sennheiser's SKP 30

July 16, 2001 -- Sennheiser now brings wireless functionality to any conventionally wired microphone with the SKP 30 miniature plug-on transmitter. By simply plugging the diminutive SKP 30 into the output jack of any passive or phantom-powered microphone and complimenting it with an appropriate RF receiver, audio professionals can enjoy wireless performance from their favorite "wired" microphones. Further, by employing flexible PLL technology and the Sennheiser patented HiDyn plus noise reduction system, the SKP 30 delivers studio quality fidelity.

Users will appreciate the SKP 30's sturdy die-cast construction, robust transmission characteristics and the flexibility having sixteen pre-programmed, PLL-controlled frequencies that are scientifically chosen from 1280 user accessible frequencies within its operating range. Given this flexibility coupled with HiDyn plus noise reduction technology ensures compatibility with Sennheiser's acclaimed 3000 and 5000 Series receivers. Switchable 48V phantom power accommodates condenser microphones and a balanced input maintains an optimal signal-to-noise ratio of 114dB. Even the SKP 30's sensitivity falls under the purview of the operator, allowing four 10dB increments and a 20dB pad. A battery status display on the transmitter allows for intelligent power management and a "low batt" warning sent to the receiver ensures that power failure won't leave users in a lurch. Finally, a lock function prevents unintended parameter changes.

"The SKP 30 represents the ideal RF transmitter for ENG applications as well as for broadcast, film, and video sound recording professionals," noted Rick Belt, product manager, RF wireless. "It's robust, flexible, easy to use, and reliable so that users won't have to worry about its stability in the field. It offers phenomenal sound quality with both dynamic and condenser microphones, allaying any fears that 'going wireless' will diminish audio quality. In sum, the SKP 30 delivers transparent RF operation coupled with 'wired' fidelity."

For more information, visit their web site at



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