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Promo Only Launches 
New Music Video Format

ORLANDO, FL - July 17, 2001 ? Promo Only launches another addition to its wide variety of music and music video format subscriptions with the announcement of its new Latin Video DVD.

Subscribers can now receive the new format, which includes a variety of Latin music videos all on one DVD. The DVD, distributed monthly, contains the ultimate combination of tropical, regional and Latin videos. Genres include Salsa, Bachata, Latin Pop, Ranchera, Merengue and more.

Promo Only, the industry's #1 source for music and music video, provides the highest quality CDs and DVDs in the market.   Since 1992, Promo Only pioneered its promotional music service using state of the art digital audio equipment, providing the best quality music in the business.  Today, many radio stations use Promo Only CDs directly on the air due their consistent, exceptional quality.

All Promo Only DVDs, including the new Latin Video format, are produced in their newly opened all digital video facility in Orlando. Using uncompressed PCM audio (better than CD quality) and state of the art video editing and DVD authoring equipment, the audio and video quality found on a Promo Only DVD is not equaled by anyone.

Promo Only's goal is to make the process of obtaining promotional music and music videos to the music industry easy and efficient. By categorizing new releases into specific formats and distributing the best of those on one disc each month, Promo Only provides a catered service for industry professionals to receive new music and music videos when they need it.

Promo Only is located in Orlando, Florida. The company strives to provide top quality service and products into the next millennium. For additional information on Promo Only or the products that they offer visit their Web site at or call (407) 331-3600.





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