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Terapin CD Video Recorder
by Rick Smith


While many companies tout the recordable DVD as the digital format for consumers to store their own videos, TeraOptix has created the Terapin CD Video recorder that uses more conventional and lower cost recording technology. For about 600 dollars, you are now able to record any video source directly to CD-R media. Now it is quite inexpensive to record a TV program you missed, since some generic CD-R media is only thirty cents each. Considering a bulk pack of fifty CDs takes up far less space than the equivalent VHS tape volume, finding that program again should also be much faster.

While there are plenty of ways to digitize video on your PC, the Terapin CD Video recorder doesn’t require any computer expertise or even a computer to operate - it’s self contained. It behaves just like a conventional VCR, except you insert round CD media instead of a tape. Playback is accomplished through this device, as well as CD video players, DVD players and a multimedia PC. It also comes with a remote (see below).

Now that I look over the product specs and features, I have to wonder why more companies haven’t created one of these - a simple, easy to use, digital video recorder, using inexpensive rigid media instead of tape.

The Terapin CD Video recorder also:

  • records 74 minutes of motion video with audio in CD-DA or VideoCD format on CD-R Audio and CD-RW Audio media

  • requires NO MORE REWINDING! This feature alone almost make this CD Video recorder worth it and no more jammed or broken tapes either.

  • has Slow Motion and Fast Forward/Rewind Playback at 3 different speeds each

  • shows full OSD (on screen display) on PCs and TVs

  • can play directly from a specific time location on the CD disk. You no longer have to wait while you fast forward or rewind to arrive at the desired scene - you can just “skip” directly to it. While DVD has this feature, you now have this capability for your OWN content. Instead of having to wait to access a particular scene in the video of your son or daughter’s birthday, graduation or wedding, you can simply “skip” to it. And unlike tape, you won’t wear out the CD media as you play it for friends and neighbors that drop by.

  • features a wild, nine pane “split screen” mode that helps you more quickly find the start of your desired scene

  • has video inputs and outputs for S-Video and Composite video. Representative video sources include camcorders, television broadcasts, VCRs, DVD players and cable set top boxes.

  • has stereo inputs for optical, coaxial and analog audio. Representative audio sources include CD players, PCs, DAT devices, DVD players, tuners, tape decks and phonographs. Audio outputs include coaxial and analog.

  • is available in 3 colors (Raven Grey, Lava Red and Ice Blue). My favorite color - Ice Blue - is shown above and below.

  • is compatible with both American NTSC and European PAL formats

  • has a 90dB signal to noise ratio and 0.05% THD (Total Harmonic distortion)

  • includes a remote control that matches the device.


Copyright © 2001 Rick Smith All rights reserved.



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