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Digital Club Network and Clubplanet, Inc.
Cut Deal For Syndication of Live Music Content

New York City - Digital Club Network (, the world's largest aggregator of live music performances, today announced a partnership with Clubplanet, Inc. for the syndication of DCN concerts to the popular network of Clubplanet nightlife websites. DCN currently streams more than 100 live shows each week from more than 50 of the world's best-known live music venues. Under the partnership, DCN will syndicate a rotating series of concerts to Clubplanet, creating a compelling, rich media experience on Clubplanet's new live music page. The companies are working together to tailor the series of shows to match the particular interests of the nightlife tastemakers that make up the Clubplanet audience.

"From the day we first discussed live music as part of our content offering, we knew DCN was the place to get it," said Seth Zalkin, President of Clubplanet. "Our audience is looking for the newest, hippest, most trend-setting artists, and DCN's got the venues where those artists perform."

"We are excited to extend our artists' reach to the Clubplanet audience," stated Brad Cutting, Vice President of Business Development for DCN. "This is a very active group of music consumers who are devoted to nightclub culture and live entertainment. It's a perfect fit."

About Digital Club Network

The Digital Club Network is the world's largest aggregator of live music performances, digitally recording over 100 live performances each week by new and established artists, from its exclusive worldwide network of A-list clubs. DCN delivers its shows to consumers both live and on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using streaming media technology. DCN also syndicates shows through other media outlets, distributes CD's of live performances, and offers unique online and offline sponsorship packages through its website and physical venue network.

About Clubplanet, Inc.

Clubplanet is the leading content, promotions and technology company specializing in aggregating, localizing and distributing nightlife information and technology through the Internet, wireless devices and offline. Clubplanet's nightlife content is the most comprehensive, current, convenient and compelling and allows end users to be more informed and to better plan their free time and spend their entertainment dollars. Clubplanet also provides content solutions for partner Web sites and provides other tools and solutions including online promotions, on and offline sponsorship opportunities and a variety of other ways to reach both consumers and commercial members of the global nightlife community.


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