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Las Vegas in Retrospect
-Sid Vanderpool

I arrived at the Tropicana on Sunday, two days before the show was suppose to start to give me and my crew time to get settled in. That night I had the pleasure of attending Rick Springfield's EFX with Franz and Kim Seifert from Tahoe. Kim is a sweetheart and Franz is a kick in the pants. The next day was filled with various tourist things that included sitting in the lounge area while the DJs filtered in. One thing that stood out was that most all of those with badges that came by that day were newbies, most I had no idea who they were.

That night everyone converged on the opening night registration party that was put together by Karaoke Singer Magazine, a sister publication of Mobile Beat. This party by no fault of MB was hampered by a live stage performance that had to be in a theater setting to be appreciated, not an opening night party at a DJ show. Karaoke host, Bill Smith did his best to recover the crowd disillusioned from the karaoke play. He grabbed them with some prize giveaways and a song, which turned around most that were left in the room and kept things rolling until the room was shut down. Later RA and the Rum Jungle dance clubs had a strange crowd on this night, as the show attendees descended upon them.

The opening greeting and seminar with around 700 people was wall to wall. When asked how many were there for the first time 80% of the people raised their hands. Once again tons of prizes were given away. The room stayed packed for the touchy feely Doug Cox, a guy you have to see and hear to appreciate.  He is a wonderful man. The rest of the day had a mixed bag of seminars that included the disappointing MF 2.0 seminar. At the same time as the MF seminar Cross Mix brought Bob Carlisle to the DJ masses, during which he thanked DJs for making his song Butterfly Kisses such a success. It is very cool that DJs get to speak with the artists at these conventions.

That night the All-stars show more than made up for what the opening night party lacked. Attendees were greeted with a huge buffet with salad, cheese, bowtie pasta, marinara sauce, tortellini, meatballs and two carving stations that had 3 types of meats. The shock of the food was quickly forgotten when the stage came to life. It was a blast. Todd Mitchum, CJ from CJs DJs, Russ, and many more took hold of the crowd, threw them onto the dancefloor and gave them a high energy show with lots of great stuff to take home and use. From here it was off to the famous Studio 54 at the MGM.

Wednesday was Chris Mills' day. The short rapping white guy from New Mexico gave not only a seminar, he put on a show that kept people awake, even those of us that got in from parties only hours before he started. Chris gave great pointers for those that do schools and those that want to do schools. The exhibits hall opened at 11 am to many familiar vendors and some real great deals. This year's selection of vendors was down over past years with only 48 chiming in. This could be because of the DJTimes show one week before. The deals were great though. I even picked some stuff up on my first day through. After lunch Dr. Drax (the best dressed guy at the show) did a commanding performance in his "New Millennium DJ" seminar. He brought down to Earth and unraveled the mysteries behind MP3 DJing. The ever-popular Bobby Morganstein and his interactive Mitzvah seminar followed up the Drax seminar. The day closed with a repeat of the MF seminar with only a few DJs showing up.

At around 7 PM well over 30 DJzone/DJchat regulars converged on the Rio buffet for dinner and pictures. Humor broke out when I was asked when I was going to move out on my own on the web and out from under PDJ. After dinner we repeated the classic of filling a vehicle with bodies. This time it was a 2001 Chevy Astro and we had 14 people in it. From the Rio we went down to the Freemont Experience in the old downtown. After and hour and two light shows it was off to the Beach to party. Scott Davies is known in the music circles as being quite the party animal and when his company, American DJ puts on a party, it's puts on a party. The Beach was no different. He was reported to have dropped well over $10,000 on drinks for everyone.

On the last day both seminar rooms had to be put together to accommodate Todd Mitchum's seminar. Even with that tit was still standing room only. Todd really rocked. He gave the DJs something they were missing. Performing only a small part of his regular seminar he displayed why he gets the big money and what DJs need to do to get what they are worth. Todd even stayed around in the lobby and spoke with anyone having questions for over two and a half hours. Later John Young's wedding information swap had 150 DJs clamoring for their packets while DJs walked by with gear sold at fleamarket prices in the exhibits hall. Checking in on the MF 2.0 seminar and the 1.0 seminars, the crowd was lost in the room that was earlier filled with DJs for the Todd Mitchum seminar. One guy commented that it seemed like a ghost town in there.

During the last few moments of the exhibits hall the fire was burning to move gear. ERG ran out of most of his cd copies at a smooth $6 a piece, while right across from him Jim Robinson from Promo Only also ran short of product. On the quiet side Jeff Greene was smiling ear to ear explaining how successful the show had been for him. Other vendors were also smiling. 

Speaking as a first generation of DJ convention attendee this show had its moments, but overall it was a good show for me. I made new friends and even learned a thing or two. I can see where the second and third generation probably got more out of it than me, but that was the majority and the show was geared towards them. Was it worth the $160 I paid? I would definitely say YES! Was it worth more? I will leave that up in the air.

I think Mike and Bob need to be congratulated on putting their all into a great show and I look forward to seeing the new and innovative twists they put on future shows.


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