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Innovation continues at Chauvet with the release of 
Hassle-Free, Multi-Link Lighting System

Hollywood, FL - (March 15, 2001) Chauvet,  a leading manufacturer of stage and entertainment lighting, recently introduced the Multi-Link System Series designed to equip DJ's with unparalleled flexibility and speed for their lighting effects.

Our clients asked us to design a system that was easy to use, quick to set up and priced competitively, CEO Albert Chauvet said.  So we came up with a lighting system that can set up in minutes!

The exclusive multi-link system gives the user the flexibility to use a selector switch to assign a channel number, from 1 to 4, to each head.  The daisy chain technology lets DJ's  avoid the mess of foot after foot of patch cords.  All heads are interchangeable and expandable and  can be mixed and matched for maximum performance.

The Multi-Link System series joins Chauvet's spectrum of affordable, yet cutting-edge, lighting products, including Compact DJ Series, Effect Lighting, Intelligent Lighting, Centerpieces, Foggers and Blacklights.  It is one more assurance of Chauvet's commitment to Value, Innovation and Performance - which gives the end user the V.I.P treatment.

Headquartered in Florida, the decade-old manufacturer has grown phenomenally into one of the premier company in its field, worldwide.  The company also maintains a full service facility, Chauvet Europe Ltd., in the United Kingdom.

For more information on this exclusive system visit


American DJ’s Fab 4 Launches New Revolution

LOS ANGELES -- What do the words "Fab 4" and "Revolution" bring to mind? A song by the Beatles? Guess again, because now there’s another "Fab 4" that’s creating a revolution on the DJ/club music scene -- the Fab 4 DMX-technology lighting package from American DJ. And while it might not "change the world," this Fab 4 will certainly revolutionize the way DJs and clubs light up the dance floor with stunning visual effects.

As its name suggests, the Fab 4 is a complete 4-unit (1 master & 3 slaves) lighting system that links together to produce an intense special effects presentation. Not only do these four fixtures move in synchronization, but users can also program their own customized light show by using a DMX controller (sold separately).

With an incredibly low suggested retail price of $249.95, the Fab 4 truly represents a revolution in affordable programmable chase light packages. It’s ideal for smaller clubs or mobile DJ's who want to put on a complete high-energy DMX light show -- and even program their own customized sequences -- without spending big bucks.

The mobile user won’t have to worry about lugging around a lot of heavy gear either. The entire Fab 4 system weighs just 10 lbs.

"The Fab 4 is an all-in-one light DMX show package that’s extremely lightweight and sells for an amazingly low price," said Scott Davies, General Manager of American DJ. "In the past, you could expect to spend as much on one DMX fixture, as what you’re spending for this entire 4-unit system.

"Add a DMX controller, and the Fab 4 gives you the capabilities to create your own programmed light show," Davies added. "This is truly a revolutionary product that makes the excitement of a creative custom light show accessible to working DJs and small clubs on a budget."

The Fab 4's four linkable units come with built-in synchronized internal programs and 16 dazzling colored light beams. When the four units are used in sync, the Fab 4 blasts out an amazing 64 multi-colored beams of light.

When used on its own, the Fab 4 is a powerful lighting package, offering DJs a multitude of internal dance light chase sequences to choose from. But when used with a DMX controller, the Fab 4's possibilities are endless.

Not only does a DMX controller make it possible to produce a custom light show, but the controller can also be used to call up any of the Fab 4's internal programs at any time. For instance, if a DJ likes a particular pre-programmed chase sequence, they can add it to their show with the flick of a switch.

A new member of American DJ’s Commercial Series, the Fab 4 is in keeping with this series’ tradition of offering the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. All members of the Commercial Series are durable, high performance lighting effects that feature DMX technology without the usual high cost of intelligent lighting. The Fab 4 also includes the Commercial Series longer than average 1 year warranty.

The Fab 4 is a sound active fixture that is fan cooled (master only). The package includes 4 hanging brackets for easy installation and 3 AC plugs on rear of master to power-up slaves. The dimensions are: 12"L X 9.5" W X 12.25" D. Weight: 10 lbs.

For more information, contact American DJ Supply at 800-322-6337. Or visit the American DJ website at

American Audio Introduces Q-Spand Sonic-Enhancing Mixer

LOS ANGELES -- Now it’s possible to produce giant, booming, multi-directional sound with even the smallest 2-speaker audio system -- thanks to a revolutionary sonic-enhancing mixer from American Audio. The Q-Spand Mixer will maximize any audio system’s volume output and create a surround-sound-like effect that fills an entire club or auditorium.

Affordable and compact, the Q-Spand is the perfect solution for mobile DJs and who want to produce bigtime sound without the expense -- or inconvenience -- of king-size speakers. Not only will the Q-Spand greatly amplify the volume produced by a small 2-speaker audio system, this amazing multi-directional mixer will make it sound as though additional speakers have been placed throughout the room.

"This is an ideal product for wedding DJs or any mobile users who want their audio system to be as portable as possible, but sound as good as possible," said John Brown, national sales manager for American Audio. "No longer do they have to choose between great sound and mobility. The Q-Spand solves this dilemma, because it can ‘transform’ even the smallest system into a real audio powerhouse that not only produces greater volume output, but actually sounds like it has more speakers."

The Q-Spand is also great for small clubs, or anyone on a budget, who wants to beef up their audio capabilities, without going to the expense of buying a new system. Another growing market are MP3 users who want to enhance sound quality.

When people see -- and hear -- the Q-Spand demonstrated, they often react with disbelief, said Brown. "When we hook up the Q-Spand to a system with two small 6-inch speakers, people are totally amazed," said Brown. "They can’t believe that this enhanced, multi-directional sound is due to a mixer. They keep asking us where we’ve ‘hidden’ the additional speakers."

The Q-Spand’s secret lies in a new technology called WOW!Ô audio enhancement from SRS Labs, Inc. The WOW! algorithm produces a sound image field that’s much wider and taller than the physical capabilities of the actual speaker, thus it will immediately improve a system’s audio performance without the need to enlarge or add speakers.

A 4-channel unit, the Q-Spand easily hooks up to any audio system, just like a conventional mixer, without need for special modifications. With the touch of a button, the WOW! feature will switch on, maximizing the system’s entire sound range, and producing the unique multi-directional effect. The Q-Spand also comes with two other buttons for amplifying bass and treble separately.

In addition to maximizing sound, the Q-Spand will provide "Fader ‘Q’ Start" when used with an American Audio CD player. The Fader "Q" Start feature allows users to crossfade directly to pre-programmed digital cue points on a compact disc. There are On/Off buttons for Fader "Q" Start on each channel.

The Q-Spand is equipped with 3 Phono, 4 Lines, 3 Auxiliaries & 3 Mics. Other features include: Balanced XLR Outputs; Bass, Mid and Treble controls on each channel; and -15Db Talkover for mics.

Extremely mobile and compact, the Q-Spand is a 19", 4 rack space unit. It has a highly affordable suggested retail price of just $399.95.


New horn-loaded XLT525 loudspeaker from 
Community stands above the crowd

CHESTER, PA, April 18, 2001--Measuring 42 inches from top to bottom, the XLT525 three-way trapezoidal loudspeaker from Community easily projects sound over audiences in many applications normally requiring a speaker stand.  Built expressly for live sound reinforcement, nightclubs, or portable PA use, the full-range, bass reflex enclosure is operable from 50 Hz to 18 kHz, has a maximum output of 131 dB SPL (peak), and an input rating of 600W RMS, 1500W program.  The device's high sensitivity (98 dB SPL @ 1W/1m) makes it ideally suited for use with power amplifiers ranging in size from 1200W to 1800W @ four ohms.

The XLT525 is equipped at the low end with a pair of 15-inch, Ferrofluid-cooled low frequency drivers.  Input is directed to the loudspeaker system's 6.5-inch cone midrange at 500 Hz.  At 2.5 kHz, a UC-1 one-inch compression driver coupled to a 90° x 40° horn takes over.  Like all other members of Community's new XLT500 Series, the XLT525 is additionally outfitted with improved IntelliSenseä protective circuitry, which operates in conjunction with the loudspeaker manufacturer's PowerMeterä LED indicators to insure that peak performance levels can be reached and maintained without risk of damage to system components.  Found on both the front and rear panels, the PowerMeter LEDs flash green to indicate signal presence, yellow to warn that the loudspeaker is entering its first stages of protection, and red to show that full protection has been activated.  Within protection mode, IntelliSense automatically attenuates speaker levels to within a safe range.  Once gain has been reduced, the circuit resets itself, restoring full power and operation to the speaker.

The XLT525's black-carpeted, internally-braced sandwich-core plywood enclosure features corner protectors, recessed bar handles, 5/16-18 rigging points, and a 16-gauge perforated steel grille. A professional-grade interlocking connector and dual 1/4-inch jacks are found at a rear-mounted input panel, along with a two-position high frequency level switch.

Now shipping to Community dealers worldwide, the XLT525 has a suggested retail price of $999.

Revolutionary Recordable Mini DMX Controllers From American DJ

LOS ANGELES -- Now you can take your favorite DMX lighting programs with you wherever you go, thanks to the revolutionary recordable/re-recordable DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX controllers from American DJ. The DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX are mini DMX recorder-controllers that are capable of recording lighting programs directly from other DMX controllers, such as American DJ’s DMX Operator or Show Designer. Once recorded and stored, the programs can be transported to any gig or stage production and used to run a variety of DMX fixtures.

Lightweight and easy to use, the DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX are great for mobile applications when a larger controller would be too bulky. All the user has to do is download his or her favorite scenes from any DMX controller into one of these convenient mini recorders via XLR cable. Once the scenes have been recorded, the segments can be combined to create chase and strobe programs. New programs, created with a Show Designer or other DMX controller, can be re-recorded into the DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX at any time.

"The DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX are ideal for DJs and stage show producers to use as portable units, when they don't want to carry around their main controller, but want to have their favorite lighting programs right at their fingertips," said Scott Davies, general manager of American DJ. "Users can easily transfer their DMX programs into these handy, recordable units, much like saving a computer file to disk"

What’s more, the user can easily change the programs stored inside the DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX when a different light show is called for. "If a DJ will be appearing at several different clubs throughout the week and they want to change their lighting presentation at each, they can simply re-record new programs," Davies explained.

The DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX are available as "blank" units, ready for recording. Or they can be purchased with pre-recorded programs for several popular American DJ DMX lighting fixtures. Here’s a closer look at these two breakthrough products:


The DMX-Solo is a handheld pocket-sized 96-channel mini DMX recorder that can store up to 9 chase programs and 9 strobe programs. Each chase/strobe program can record a maximum of 48 scenes. The DMX Solo is also equipped with an AP chase program, which continuously plays all stored chase scenes, as well as an AS program that plays all strobe scenes. Each AP and AS scene can be run at its own individual speed or fade time.

Designed to offer versatility, the DMX-Solo provides the options of auto, audio or manual chase. It comes equipped with a built-in microphone for sound activation. Other features include DMX polarity select and power failure memory.

The DMX-Solo can access lighting scenes from any DMX controller. Additionally, all data can be swapped between two or more units. In addition to being offered as a blank recorder, the DMX-Solo is available in four pre-set models for the following American DJ fixtures: DMX-Solo/Pocket (pre-set for the Pocket Scan); DMX-Solo/Rainbow (Rainbow-250); DMX-Solo/Spiral (Spiral Scan); DMX-Solo/X-caliber (X-caliber).

Along with its compact size, the DMX-Solo is also very lightweight in price. At just $149.95 suggested retail, it is an extremely affordable DMX controller on its own, or as a back-up "second" controller.


The Auto-Mate/DMX is a larger size (but still very portable) 19" rack mount DMX recorder-controller with similar features as the DMX-Solo. It includes four built-in programs -- Audio Mode, Strobe Mode, Fast Mode, Slow Mode -- plus Blackout.

Like the DMX-Solo, the Auto-Mate/DMX is available as a blank recorder, and in four pre-set models with built-in programs for American DJ fixtures: Auto-Mate/Pocket (Pocket Scan); Auto-Mate /Mighty (Mighty Scan); Auto-Mate /Spiral (Spiral Scan); Auto-Mate /X-caliber (X-caliber). The Auto-Mate/DMX is also very affordably priced at $149.95 suggested retail.

"With their unique ability to record lighting programs, The DMX-Solo and Auto-Mate/DMX are a revolutionary new idea in DMX controllers," said Davies. "They were developed by American DJ to make life easier for lighting users."


Shure Acquires Popper Stopper Brand From Middle Atlantic Products

Widely-recognized brand of pop filters to complement Shure KSM recording microphones

EVANSTON, IL/RIVERDALE, NJ, March 22, 2001-Shure Incorporated, the leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics, announced today that the company has purchased the Popper Stopper™ brand of studio pop filters from Riverdale, New Jersey-based Middle Atlantic Products, Inc. Popper Stoppers will now be offered as accessories to Shure's growing line of KSM studio microphones and can be purchased from authorized Shure dealers worldwide.  With the sale of the brand, Middle Atlantic will continue to focus on its core competency in equipment mounting solutions and studio furniture.

"Purchasing Popper Stoppers was an easy decision for us because the brand is universally recognized and the perfect accessory for our growing KSM studio mic line, " said Rick Frank, Category Director of Wired and Wireless Microphones at Shure Incorporated.

Mark Tracy, Director of Marketing for Middle Atlantic Products, added, "The sale makes excellent sense for both companies, as it allows Shure to fill a gap in their line with a proven product, and allows us to concentrate on what we do best: manufacture rack enclosures and studio furniture systems.

Popper Stoppers are widely recognized throughout the recording and post production communities as the leading pop elimination technology.  The PS-6, the most popular Popper Stopper product, provides excellent pop elimination, along with high levels of durability and excellent ease-of-use.  The four-layer screen stops explosive "p" and "b" consonants, while the fully adjustable gooseneck and mic stand clamp securely holds the pop filter in position. 

Effective immediately, Popper Stopper products are available from authorized Shure dealers worldwide.  The list price for the Shure Popper Stopper is $42.00.





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