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DJ News Media Blitz

FINDYOURDJ.COM, the premier Job Lead generation service for professional disc jockeys, has started a campaign to attract numerous brides-to-be to our web site.

This "media blitz" is part of FINDYOURDJ’s on-going business plan that will produce more Job Leads for our DJ subscribers.

FINDYOURDJ.COM has started submitting wedding articles to various bridal publications for inclusion in their up-coming issues. These articles will also be readily viewable to visitors of the various bridal web sites.

Since submitting the first of a series of articles entitled, "PLANNING YOUR WEDDING ON YOUR PC" just a few days ago, the article has already been picked up for publication by: and is confident that it will be chosen for publication by many more in the weeks ahead has also been selected as a Wedding Expert on

New Durham CDJA Website 

Durham Chapter releases the first chapter website presence in Canada 

Apr 15,2001 -- Today the new executive board of the Durham chapter is pleased to present a new online presence for their chapter of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association. This website will be an informational resource for chapter members and disc jockeys across the region and southern Ontario.

Chapter president Mike May has graciously provided hosting facilities. Chapter Vice President Roger Bredin is webmaster and editor of their new chapter newsletter.

"I am very excited to finally be able to cross into a new realm with our chapter", says Mr Bredin, "The internet is becoming a formidable resource for the online disc jockey service and after some years of participation on the online world, I thought it was time for the chapter to get in to action."

The CDJA has long ad a web presence at the national home page however this page will be oriented more around local issues and networking.

New webiste is

QSC Award RMX Amp To Mobile DJ

LAS VEGAS—Showing its continued support for the burgeoning DJ market, Costa Mesa, Calif.-based manufacturer QSC Audio Products Inc. awarded an RMX Series amplifier to Electric Blue Entertainment as part of a contest at this year’s Mobile Beat DJ Expo held at the Tropicana Casino & Resort. 

Electric Blue Entertainment, which offers its mobile services in and around New Lennox, Ill., took delivery of the RMX 850 amp during a special presentation hosted by QSC's Midwestern rep firm, Spoiled by Technology (SBT).

Smiling for photographers present at the event, SBT'S Maurice "Moe" Paulsen handed the giveaway RMX amp over to Electric Blue Entertainment's principal DJ Jason Brosseau. Commenting later from his office in Naperville, Ill., Paulsen said the DJ market has grown rapidly over the last few years and has become an important market category for QSC.

"This was simply a goodwill gesture on QSC's part," he said. "And a way to give something back to the DJ community, which has been lending increasing support to a number of components within various QSC product lines."

Compact in size and equipped with a speed fan, the RMX 850 produces 430 watts per channel at 2 ohms. Outfitted with independent, user-defeatable clip limiters, selectable low frequency filters (30 Hz or 50 Hz), and DC and thermal overload protection, the amplifier is one of three models offered within the RMX Series of value-oriented, professional-grade components.

On the Web:

ADJA Gives Non-Members Insurance

The ADJA is now offering non-ADJA members access to the strongest insurance policy in the U.S. 

You may obtain an "I.O." number which allows you access to the ADJA group policy offered by RV Nuccio & Associates. The I.O. number may be obtained for $50.00.

Anyone who has an ADJA "I.O." number may upgrade to a full membership at anytime by submitting the required paperwork and dues.

You may e-mail: if you are interested in obtaining liability or property insurance. 

The ADJA has created this program to assist new disc jockeys and part-time DJ's that want to obtain liability or property insurance. The ADJA is also attempting to stabilize the insurance program for disc jockeys by attaining a critical mass necessary to keep rates low, as well as, keep the program alive.




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