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New Line of Wireless Mics from Nady

April 11, 2001 -- Nady Systems has introduced the Encore series of VHF and UHF wireless microphones, consisting of the Encore I, Encore II, and Encore Duet.

All three models are loaded with top professional operating features and are available on selected frequencies in the VHF high band (171-216 MHz) for interference-free, long-range performance. The Encore I (non-diversity) and Encore II (DigiTRU Diversity) are both half-rack models with retractable front panel antenna(s). Both models feature RF and AF 5-LED displays for monitoring incoming signal strength and audio level, balanced XLR and unbalanced adjustable 1/4" jack outputs, and unique snap-out panel locking tabs for single receiver or dual receiver (side-by-side) optional rack mounting. A choice of four optional transmitters are available: handheld, lavalier, headmic, and instrument.

The Nady Link 2 is also available which attaches to any dynamic or condenser microphone, enabling operation as a handheld mic or bodypack transmitter. The Encore Duet utilizes the same housing as the other Encore receivers and features two discrete VHF channels that can be operated simultaneously. It is also available with any combination of the four optional transmitters listed above. All Encore systems come in a rugged, foam padded traveling case for easy, safe transport and storage.

New UHF units from Nady include the UHF-10, URR-10 and UHF-16. The UHF-10 and URR-10 are both single channel professional UHF systems featuring DigiTRU Diversity (advanced digital processing circuitry) for maximum dropout protection. The UHF-10 receiver is a table top model featuring dual antennas, A/B diversity, AF peak and power ON LED indicators, and balanced XLR and adjustable unbalanced 1/4" outputs. The single rack space URR-10 receiver offers rackmount convenience and 5 segment Audio Level and RF Level LED displays. Both systems are available with either a handheld mic or a bodypack transmitter that can be user switched to operate as a lavalier, headworn mic, or instrument transmitter.

The UHF-16 is a UHF PLL synthesized 16-channel selectable system with advanced professional features. The half rack UHF-16 DigiTRU Diversity receiver comes with balanced XLR and adjustable unbalanced 1/4" outputs, detachable dual antennas, and a back-lit LCD panel display for A/B diversity, Audio/ RF Level status, channel and frequency selected, and transmitter battery status. There is a choice of two transmitters—the UH-16 handheld and the UB-16 bodypack, which can be operated as a lavalier, headworn mic, or instrument transmitter. Both units feature up/down channel select buttons, an LED readout for channel selected for ultimate ease of operation, and two AA batteries for maximum convenience and economical battery life.

"Our new professional wireless lineup is particularly exciting to us because it seriously rattles some existing price/performance standards," commented John Nady, President of Nady Systems. "Our new Encore Series and UHF units represent an unprecedented leap forward in price/performance value—even for Nady. They have the best dynamic range of any wireless on the market and great professional features—and they are truly affordable for everyone."

For more information, visit their web site at

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