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KAPA Cracks Down On  Karaoke Copyright Infringment

Rochester, NY  (March 14, 2001)  - KAPA (Karaoke Anti-piracy Agency) is presently investigating Karaoke copyright infringement throughout the United States and Canada.  These investigations are a result of tips received from KAPA members and members of the Karaoke community.  Information regarding busts will be posted on the KAPA website,

In December of 2000, a private investigator representing KAPA engaged in conversation with Karaoke host Andrew Schneider at a Restaurant/Bar in Rochester, NY.  During the course of the conversation, Schneider offered to burn copies of the CDGs for the investigator.  During subsequent conversations, Schneider was given a cash advance towards the completion of the job. 

Working in conjunction with the NY State Police and the Monroe County Assistant District Attorney, the investigator made arrangements to meet Schneider at his residence and finalize the transaction.  On January 29, 2001, Schneider completed the sale of 115 counterfeit CDGs with the private investigator.  Once the CDGs were identified as counterfeit, the NY State Police arrested Schneider at his residence.  He has been charged with 3rd Degree Trademark Counterfeiting.  The trial date has not been set as of this posting.  KAPA is seeking full restitution for the cost of the investigation and for lost revenue.

Detroit, MI  (March 14, 2001) - As a result of tips to KAPA, investigators representing KAPA discovered a karaoke host using illegal copies of CDGs in her show.  After investigating this host, the investigator reported this illegal activity to the authorities. On March 1, 2001, US Marshalls seized 49 counterfeit CDGs from Ms. Speigel during her show in Detroit, MI. Speigel, who is co-partners with Platinum Entertainment, was served with a complaint, motion, order, writ and summons.  Ms. Speigel admitted that she was aware the CDGs were copies.  The illegal copies were seized and will be held as evidence pending court action.  Speigal purchased the copied CDGs from another source.  Further investigations and actions are forthcoming.  This case is very early in the litigation stage.  Updates on this case and others will be posted at

Canadian Contest Is No Longer

 It is with regret that the Board of Directors of the Canadian Open Country Singing Contest announce that at their meeting, Sunday, January 14, 2001 a motion was passed that we will not hold a contest this year. The Board has spent the last five months reviewing options.  Given the fact that there are still bills outstanding from last year's contest, a recording for last year's winners to be arranged and paid for plus an outstanding loan, none of the options were feasible.  Our Nevada Ticket sales at our Promo Booth in the Simcoe Mall have dropped 60%. 

While we appreciate the fact that other agencies also rely on Nevada Ticket sales to support their causes, no mall  in Simcoe can support two ticket vendors.  The Brantford Casino certainly hasn't helped either as people have only so much disposable income and most seem to be spending what they would previously have spent on Nevada Tickets at other locations such as the Casino. The Board of Directors seriously considered downsizing the contest in an effort to stage our 27th Annual Canadian Open Country Singing Contest. Downsizing included such items as location, prize structure and the number of contestants but none of these options were acceptable nor were they cost saving enough and despite appeals to both the private and corporate sector for support  no sponsorship was forthcoming.

To support Sylvia McManis and Ray Danley in their comments in the Simcoe Reformer on Friday, January 5, 2001 Simcoe definitely needs a Performing Arts Centre.  Weather has a definite impact on our contest.  July 1999 when we were anticipating  huge crowds to help us celebrate our 25th year in business people stayed away in droves due to the intense heat and humidity and our admission revenue dropped by 50%. Simcoe can no longer afford to consider a centre such a this as a luxury it has become a necessity to remain a thriving and viable community. During our recent election candidates referred to the Friendship Festival and Panorama and mentioned the good they did for the community.  No one mentioned the C.O.C.S.C. 

We surveyed our contestants recently.  Of 240 contestants 175 responded.  We asked them what they spent in this community while they were here.  The range was from $200 to $1250.  This money is spent on accommodation (you can't get a motel room anywhere in the area that weekend), food and gas.  It's spent in this community.  The contest itself injects over $250,000 into the community renting facilities and paying for services from businesses in this community.  Can this community afford to loose income of close to $500,000? Our plan is to hold a contest in the year 2002.  It may be in a different location.  It may have a different look but we are working towards that goal. At this time we would like to offer thanks to the Waterford Pumpkin Fest who allowed us to fundraise through parking and to Jerry Maloney of the Norfolk Hotel who initiated 50/50 draws in his hotel in an effort to assist us.  To our members and volunteers our thanks for your ongoing support with special mention of Keith Yearwood who sold 25 books of tickets in our Christmas 50/50 draw.  We will be sponsoring a Teen Dance (for kids 9-13 yrs old ) at the Moose Lodge on January 27th and hopefully in the months to follow in an effort to both fundraise and meet a need in the community.  Any other fundraising ideas, and sponsorship opportunities are encouraged.

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