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The Grandmaster Flash World Turntable Invitational

GrandMaster Flash wants to re-introduce the basic concepts of late 70's DJ battles. Unlike other battles where DJs showcase their technical mastery over the wheels of steel, Flash has suggested a more musically challenging judging criteria.

Originality and unique selection will be demanded. Clean execution of techniques such as needle dropping, cutting and scratching on beat will be mandatory. DJs will not be able to use the ever popular break records full of readily available samples nor will they be able to cover their records with marking tape.

The GrandMaster Flash World Turntable Invitational will be a welcome battle to a DJ community that is divided between radio DJs and turntablists. There is no outlet available for those DJs who dig for rare records and showcase their skills and selection while rocking the party, in the very footsteps of DJ pioneers like GrandWizzard Theodore, GrandMixer DXT, and of course, GrandMaster Flash.

In 2001, Flash plans to host preliminary battles in 5 major U.S. cities. The champion of each city will be automatically entered into his Final battle, taking place in New York City. Invitations will be extended to other world famous DJs who would not usually enter battles or who may have dropped out of the battle scene. With HEFTY cash prizes among other rewards, who knows who might come out of retirement!


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