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Heralds A New Generation in Creative DJ Technology

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LONG BEACH, Calif., May 16, 2001 - Pioneer Corporation, the global market leader in DJ technology, is set to revolutionize both the art and technique of mixing with the introduction of the CDJ-1000 'DIGITAL VINYL TURNTABLE' (D.V.T.) .

Based on their industry standard CDJ footprint, which originally blazed the trail from vinyl into CD, the futuristically designed CDJ-1000 'DIGITAL VINYL TURNTABLE' (D.V.T.) takes a quantum leap into the unknown, as a precursor to an entire mode of DJ'ing - propelling the existing skills and artistry of the DJ into an uncharted new dimension.

The CDJ-1000 'is a feature-packed, genuine hybrid instrument with its design rooted in digital technology but also enabling faithful and accurate emulation of vinyl DJ'ing.

The CDJ-1000 'DIGITAL VINYL TURNTABLE' (D.V.T.) can switch instantly between CDJ mode and the New Pioneer Vinyl-mode (patent applied).

The emulation technology is implemented by the 206mm touch sensitive Jog Dial which dominates the face of the product.

Unlike the competition this patent applied for technology enables live and genuine-sounding vinyl-style mixing, back-spinning and scratching, as well as accurate cueing using conventional techniques ... but all digitally enhanced to provide greater dynamics and articulation than traditional analogue devices. Do not mistaken this with the toy scratch players that are available as this unit succesfully duplicates all the dynamics and nuances of a vinyl turntable.

Other vinyl functions that have been transcribed include the WAVE Display (patent applied). A graphical mapping of the landscape of each track is represented in the display panel, denoting the peaks and lows of the sound, to guarantee accurate cueing.

 The Memory feature is another Pioneer first, allowing the DJ to program cue and loop points selected from the tracks on a CD, then store them before playing out live. These can be stored in the internal memory system or on MultimediaCards (MMCs) of varying storage capacities (ONE MILLION CUE cue / loop points and wave data can be stored on a 16mb Multi Media Card (100 cue/loop points per CD up to 10,000 discs - plus all the WAVE data)!!

 The Real Time Seamless Loop function lets the DJ adjust the In (NEW) and Out points of a stored loop - adding professionalism via accuracy to the loop sampler.

Other creative highlights are the three Hot Cue buttons that can be used to memorize cue points on different CD tracks and then instantly recall them at any time during a mix. This function can also be used like a sampler. Instant Reverse is also included on the CDJ-1000 and is activated by the flick of a switch with no loss of tempo or pitch.

The CDJ-1000 invites the DJ into the unknown with a fusion of both Vinyl and CD format features to create a truly unique digital product that will define a new chapter in the world of the Pro DJ. But be warned...the CDJ-1000 'DIGITAL VINYL TURNTABLE' (D.V.T.) may have more creative power than you can handle.

The CDJ-1000 will be available in the stores early July 2001 with a minimum advertised street price of $1,150. World Demand has already exceeded production so place your orders now with a dealer near you to be sure you get yours before they are out of stock!!

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