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American Audio Introduces Pro Mix  MP3 Player For Mobile DJs


LOS ANGELES --  Now mobile disc jockeys can “travel lighter” than ever, thanks to the new Pro Mix Professional Dual MP3 Player from American Audio.  A complete MP3 player/software system, the Pro Mix eliminates the need for DJs to lug around cases of vinyl records or CDs. All that’s required to have a limitless library of music at your fingertips is the Pro Mix controller and your laptop computer!

Featuring exclusive proprietary software from American Audio, the Pro Mix will play MP3 files directly from a computer. It will also play CD files (WAV files) that are stored on the hard drive. 

Not only does the Pro Mix “play” music, the system’s revolutionary software also allows DJs to mix, scratch, and produce a variety of effects. A dual system, the Pro Mix is equipped with a built-in crossfader, which gives it mixing capabilities.

Another cutting-edge feature of the Pro Mix is Digital Scratching.  The system features a platter-like wheel on top of the unit, which can be used to produce authentic “analog-style” scratching sounds. The disk-shaped platter has grooves and a finger indention, providing DJs with the feel, as well as the sound, of a genuine “vinyl” turntable.  The Digital Scratching system is similar to that on American Audio’s revolutionary Pro-Scratch 1 CD Player.   

The Pro Mix also includes a number of other features and effects found on the Pro Scratch 1 CD player, such as Seamless Loop, Reverse Play, Cue Start, six Flash Buttons (three per side) for recalling stored samples, and a Bop Effect.  Another useful feature is Key Lock, which allows DJs to speed up the music on a track without affecting the pitch of the vocals.

"With the Pro Mix, DJs can do basically all the things that can be done on a cutting-edge  professional dual CD player, including one equipped with digital scratching,” said John Brown, sales manager at American Audio.  “The only difference is that they don’t have to carry around the actual CDs.  So they can travel much lighter, while actually having a larger selection of music. 

“Plus, they don’t have to worry about packing different assortments of CDs when they go to different gigs,” added Brown.  “By taking along just the compact Pro Mix unit and their laptop, they have the convenience of being able to keep all of their music with them at all times.”

In addition to being very convenient, the Pro Mix is also highly affordable.  The complete system, including software, is priced at just $799.95 suggested retail.

The Pro Mix is designed to work with Windows software.  Minimum system requirements are: 128 MB RAM memory, 400 MHz processor, Windows 98 operating system, and 1 sound card.  Optimal system requirements are: 256 MB RAM memory, above-400 MHz processor, Windows 2000 operating system, and 2 sound cards.  The second sound card will allow disc jockeys to hear the mix through headphones

Designed for mobile use, the Pro Mix is extremely compact and portable.  A 19-inch rack mount unit, it takes 3 rack spaces and weighs just 2.5 lbs. (without power adapter).



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