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DJchat Merges With DJzone

DJzone wishes to squelch any new rumors that may pop up, by finally revealing some of the behind the scenes events that have transpired over the past month or so. As many have noticed Glenn Miller has not been able to be around much over the last year or so. He has had many hard personal problems that he has had to tackle and has not been able to be as active online as much as he had wished. Recently he has started a new Canadian disc jockey association (CODJA) and moved from driving bus to his new business of Eagle Taxes in Arnprior. Both of these endevors, along with his DJ business, put major constraints on his time and his ability to actively participate in, the original online networking site for DJs he created 5 years ago.

For the past 3 years, Glenn had been a partner in DJzone through his ownership of DJchat, which is a key piece of the whole DJzone Network. As of last month, Glenn saw the potential of his new undertakings (tax business & association) and was in need of the capital to implement many numerous ideas he had come up with. Through negotiations, we arrived on a common price for DJchat and DJzone purchased the domain, concept, and name, thus providing the funds to aid him in his blossoming endeavors.

This purchase opened the floodgates of creativity and the new was born. While our wallet was open for Glenn, we decided to invest a substantial amount of money into the remodel and software that empowers DJchat. As you see, it is more than just a few new graphics. The entire DJchat has been blown up and rebuilt from the ground up. It has more features than any chat board that has ever been offered for DJs with speed to match. We have a new live chat room and will be scheduling regular live chats soon. We are proud to say in just a few short weeks we have taken on over 400 new members and will soon hit 40,000 posts. This will go down as a milestone in DJchat history and all of DJchat’s members have made this possible, because, without then, DJchat would not exist. On that note, thank you for your support.

At the same time the DJchat renovation was taking place, we moved all of DJzone to our own 100% dedicated server box that encompasses the latest in computer and Internet technology. Everyone that is hosted with our DJzone Internet Services saw their sites go from being fast, to “holy cow, lightning speed” fast overnight. With this new server, we are able offer many new features to our clients that no other DJ specific hosting company can offer. A news release on this is in the works.

The future holds many new and grand things for DJzone. You will be seeing more of us at all of the DJ shows, including Mobile Beat, DJ Times, Mid-America and maybe even Plasa in the UK. We are laying down plans to work closer with all of the industry trade publications to better serve the some 24,000 registered DJs DJzone has and the soon to be 3000 members of DJchat. We can forsee, our online magazine, getting a boost that only some websites can dream about. (Be watching) We hope to finally be able to bring MDJU out of mothballs and start providing college accredited courses for DJs. We will soon be finished with three new DJ related sites that will reinforce our DJ network’s number one standing as the largest free source of DJ information and networking on the Internet.

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