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Robot DJ?

    How often have you heard someone at a party say, "Oh, change the music, nobody is dancing to this song!" Well, that problem is now solved with Lego Mindstorm user Roligheds invention, the PARTY OPTIMIZER. Stop dancing, and the music will change. Wave your hands to the camera, and it will play the track you want to hear! The Party Optimizer was built using Lego Mindstorms Vision Command and can play 9 CDs in order or shuffle them. Other features include changing the music when there is no movement on the dance floor, change music according to hand motions and take a photo of the dance floor every few minutes. On the Lego Mindstorms Site you will find many musical lego inventions including The Opera Bot, The dancing ChaChaBot, and the violin playing Music Bot, and if you ever have some spare time(like months!) you too can make yourself a personal dj lego bot with the cool kits listed on the Mindstorms site.

The Party Optimizer can:

1) play all 9 CDs in order or "shuffle" them.

2) change music if there is no movement on the dance floor.

3) change music according to your hand motions.

4) take a photo of the dance floor every few minutes.

All functions are controlled by the LEGO Cam and the Vision Command software.

If no movement is detected on the dance floor, the Party Optimizer presses the "Next" button on the CD player. If there is still no one dancing, the Party Optimizer presses "Next" again. If there is still no movement on the dance floor, the Party Optimizer will choose the next CD (or one chosen at random).

Meanwhile, if the partygoers are dancing, Vision Command snaps photographs and stores them on the computer for later viewing. (Maybe you'll discover some interesting things that happened on the dance floor while you were looking the other way!)

At any time, the Party Optimizer can be operated by waving to the camera in certain patterns. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can give the robot these commands:

- Next track
- Previous track
- Change CD
- Play CD
- Stop CD

With a bit of practice this is actually quite easy!

When all the CDs have been played (or skipped!), the program will wait for you to put in 9 new CDs and start dancing again!


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