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Introducing the World's First Digital Mixer for DJ's 

Digital mixing offers incredible audio fidelity, inherent reliability and noise-free fading. With its modular construction, the RED Sound INFADER allows the user to choose from a number of crossfading options including the patented Tri-Fader. This convention-shattering device allows DJ's to crossfade by selectable bands of frequencies. And with many more modules in the pipeline, InFader is sure to become a dance classic.


The main mixer section features 2 x input channels with 3 band EQ (+4/-85dB) and selectable balanced microphone/line level input section with 2 band EQ. The 'multi-tap' effects send/return loop lets you choose exactly where to pick-off and return the signal for effects processing and also doubles-up as an auxiliary stereo line level input for expanded input capability. With balanced master outputs, crossfader curve control and a comprehensive monitoring section, INFADER delivers professional mixing performance at an affordable price. All high usage faders and knobs are microprocessor controlled assuring extra long life for major hardware components.

Tri-Fader Module Patent Pending 

By expanding the traditional single crossfader section to incorporate 3 crossfaders, each with it's own high-order digital filter, crossfades can now be broken-down precisely into low, mid and high frequency bands for stunning crossfade mixing. For example, the lows from one track can be mixed with the mids and/or highs from another. Additional features include 3-way/single crossfader select, reverse function and crossfader 'centre-off' option.

Forthcoming modules for INFADER will include: 

BPM Module - single crossfader, V2 BPM engine with 2 x BPM readouts, audio/MIDI sync 

BPM Sync Module - single crossfader, 2 channel beat matching, basic punch-in FX 

BPM Auto-Sync Module - single crossfader, 2 channel CD/Vinyl deck speed control system for automatic BPM lock 

BPM FX Module - single crossfader, Multi BPM effects with 2 x BPM readouts 

Filter Module - details TBA 

;and more to come! 

Modules will be available as accessories and priced from £125 to £200 inc VAT.


XS-FX from RED Sound represents a quantum leap forward in BPM generated effects processors. With both Single and Multi modes available, XS-FX makes no compromises in performance, delivering professional quality sound and functionality in a compact, affordable package.

In Single mode, the five effects are selected individually. The FX MIXER joystick alters two of the selected effect parameters, whilst the Z PLANE fader adjusts a third. The SELECT control and VALUE display are used in conjunction with the 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1 and 2/1 buttons to set the effect's speed/trigger rate.

In Multi mode, 50 factory pre-set effect combinations are available. The FX MIXER joystick adjusts two pre-determined parameters from any of the active effects, whilst the Z PLANE fader adjusts a third. The SELECT control and VALUE display are used to select the presets (1-50).


The suggested UK retail price is £329.50 inc VAT. 



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