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Elation Introduces the Waterfall

Elation Professionals introduced the DMX fixture, the Waterfall, a sound-active fixture that borrows nature's soothing, rippling effects and visually casts colorful droplets of light that resemble water.

Ideal for large clubs and stage presentations, the Waterfall includes six tranquil colors, plus white, that lend an extra sparkle to the water effects as the droplets slowly cascade down the walls.

Perfect to enhance a calming afterwork atmosphere or to quiet a crowd before a stage presentation, the Waterfall's soothing effects can help ease tension as patrons sit back and unwind while enjoying visual images of rippling water.

The Waterfall also has six vivid colors that will add extra sparkle to the cacading effects. Clubs can dress up a plain white wall with these brilliant colors and the moving effect of water flowing. From a sea blue to a deep amethyst, the Waterfall's colors blend slowly and smoothly for a retro, "melting effect:"

Theaters can use the Waterfall as a background stage or play presentations. It is also ideal to use as a backdrop effect for displays and galleries.

With its DMX-512 protocol, the Waterfall can be coordinated with other special effects. Clubs and theaters can combine the Waterfall with other DMX-compatible lights to add extra pizzazz to the cascading water effect. For example, a strobing effect, added in with the rippling water, can visually create a tropical rainforest thunderstorm.

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