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American DJ

DJ Roller & Spinout Effects

Three's company . . . at least that's what American DJ thinks when it comes to intelligent lighting.  The Los Angeles-based manufacturer has introduced two new DMX-compatible special effects-the DJ Roller and the Spinout-which can be used with the same mini-controller that was designed for ADJ's popular DJ Scan intelligent color-gobo scanner.

The DJ Roller is a barrel mirror-type gobo-color effect that can actually be linked with the DJ Scan to produce an electrifying light show.  The Spinout is a moonflower. . and much more, featuring a unique 4-function effects wheel.

Like the DJ Scan, both of these new effects are affordable intelligent fixtures geared toward professional DJs.  In addition to being used with their own optional blackout mini-controller, the DJ Scan/C, they can be operated with any standard DMX controller.

DJ Roller

Shooting out a blazing spectrum of colors and gobos, the DJ Roller was designed be the perfect partner to the DJ Scan.  It features the same chassis and lamp as its "twin," but utilizes a barrel mirror instead of a traditional flat mirror.  The DJ Roller's rotating barrel beams are an ideal complement to the DJ Scan's flat beams. Capable of covering a wide area, the DJ Roller's mirror allows a full 90-degree tilt and 90-degree pan, and it can rotate continuously or be stopped in any position. 

The DJ Roller comes with seven colors plus white and 10 gobos plus spot, and features separate color and gobo wheels for a large number of possible combinations.  Like the DJ Scan, it utilizes high-quality stepper motors to provide exceptional reliability and durability.

A very versatile effect, the DJ Roller is sound-active and can be used with any DMX controller or its own mini blackout controller (the DJ Scan/C).  Equipped with built-in internal programs, it can also be operated in stand-alone mode or in master-slave mode with up to 16 units.

The DJ Roller is fan-cooled and comes with a JCR/H5 15-volt, 150-watt  

500-hour lamp.  It weighs 21 lbs. and measures 18" x 8.6" x 4.3".  Suggested 

retail price of the DJ Roller is $399.95


An intelligent moonflower effect with multiple colors and gobos, the Spinout has a patented design that features an innovative 4-function effects wheel.  The rotating carousel-type wheel can produce four different effects: single gobo, multi-colored moonflower, single-colored moonflower or clear moonflower.

This multi-effects capability makes the Spinout an exciting and versatile addition to any light show and provides users with extra value for their dollar.  The Spinout has a suggested retail price of just $499.95.

Sound-active, the Spinout can be operated with any DMX controller, as well as the DJ Scan/C blackout mini controller, and it can be linked with other units.  It comes with an ELC/3 24-volt, 250-watt 3000-hour lamp.  Weight is 20 lbs., and dimensions are 11.5" x 8.5" x 11.25".

American DJ Introduces Rainbow  250 Dimmable Color Changer

American DJ introduced the Rainbow 250, a two-channel, DMXcompatible dimmable color changer. Featuring a spectrum of seven dichroic colors plus white, the Rainbow 250 showers any club with 250 watts of extreme color. It also offers a dimming option for any mood. One of the Rainbow 250's two channels controls color, while the second channel controls brightness. This separate two-channel color/dimming control provides users with pinpoint accuracy in creating just the right atmosphere and intensity. Ideal for permanent installations at clubs and bars, the Rainbow 250 features a new, futuristic case design that makes it very impressive to look at.

Suggested retail price: $299.95.



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