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SR1530SR 1530 Active Loudspeaker

If you shop music stores or browse the web, you'll discover that there aren't a lot of portable three-way sound reinforcement systems. Moreover, there aren't any active three-way systems designed for smaller venues.

We thought that was a shame... since a three-way system can deliver enhanced fidelity and detail to vocals and instruments that fall in the critical midrange frequency spectrum. A three-way system is perfect for everything from hard rock and rap, metal to country, churches, or acoustic groups with vocal ensembles or string and woodwind instruments - anywhere that accuracy and fidelity are important.

So we set out to realize the potential of a three-way PA system by applying our active electronic and amplifier technology, a completely new type of integrated horn system, and some of the world's finest precision transducers.

When we got through, we had a system with audiophile accuracy and output levels that can bleach the tattoos off the loudest thrash band.

  • Linear response from 40Hz to 20kHz at high SPLs 

  •  High definition, high output, and wide dispersion 

  •  FR Series tri-amplification: 500 total watts RMS delivered to internal transducers (300W RMS LF, 100W RMS Mids, 100W RMS HF)

  •   Electronic equalization, time correction, and phase alignment 

  •  Optimized Wavefront high/mid horn system 

  •  RCF Precision Transducers 

  •  15-inch LF transducer with Inside/Out- side heat-resistant voice coil and high-flux magnetic circuit

  •  6-inch horn-loaded midrange 

  •  1-inch-exit compression driver 

  •  Trapezoidal Baltic Birch plywood enclosure with rugged molded resin end caps 

  •  Weight-balanced with side handles for easy carry and set up 

  •  Top and bottom handle for easy repositioning 

  •  Full electronic and component protection circuitry

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