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Dual MP3 Controller “DMC-1”
From Numark and Visiosonic

Lets DJ’s Mix and Modify Digital Dance Tracks to Create Music Never Before Possible

Clearwater, Fla. -- Numark Industries ( and Visiosonic ( announced the availability of their breakthrough Digital Media Controller “DMC-1”, a rack mountable, multi-functioned dual MP3 controller that allows DJs to instantly locate, play, mix, sample, loop, and remix on-the-fly digital song files stored in MP3 format on their computer’s hard drive.  Modeled after Numark’s CND-22 dual CD player, and loaded with Visiosonic’s powerful PCDJ Pro Digital DMC software, the revolutionary new controller enables any DJ to create and perform live musical compositions not possible with dual CD players or vinyl turntable systems.

            “The DMC-1 leaves a DJ free to be a musician and an artist.  He can totally concentrate on the music and how he wants to piece it together for the dancers,” said Joe Vangieri, Visiosonic’s CEO.  “For the first time a DJ has an instrument which allows him to completely realize his musical vision.”

            DJ’s accustomed to using a dual CD player will have instant familiarity with the DMC-1’s interface.  The controller’s dual jog wheels, LCD panels, function buttons and pitch slide controls are identical to those found on Numark’s CDN-22.   After connecting the DMC-1 to their PC serial port and loading their hard drive with MP3 files, DJs can use the controller right out of the box to intuitively access all the basic player functions with virtually no learning curve.  

         Features included in the basic DMC-1 package include the ability to set two cue points for each of the controller’s two players, plus/minus 10 percent pitch bend, two memories per player, BPM matching, song preview, silent and audible song search, and record case and song file management.

            After installing an available software upgrade, the DMC-1’s standard buttons become multifunctional, allowing users to gain full access to the many layers of advanced functions available in Visiosonic’s PCDJ Pro Digital 1200sl software, included as part of the upgrade package.  DJs become able to automatically beat match any song, auto sync the pitch for both players at plus/minus 50 percent, create up to eighteen cue points per player, and automatically create up to eight perfectly synced and trimmed samples or loops and play them in forward or reverse -- all on-the-fly.   

            “There’s no comparison between a dual CD player and the DMC-1,” said Bunny of the Florida-based performance group Rabbit and the Moon.  “The controller lets you create quantized samples and loops of any bar on any cut on-the-fly.  I can take a short cut, or just the break from a longer cut, and keep it looping in perfect sync while I mix in another cut.  With this controller, you can basically remix songs live.”

            In addition to its unprecedented speed of light functionality and on-the-fly track editing capability, many DJs have discovered that the DMC-1 provides another major benefit: Instant access to their entire music collection.

            “A lot of times when you’re in the middle of a set, you think ‘damn, I should have brought that record’, said Dee Jay Domination, who used the DMC-1 to “spin MP3” for the 30.000 attendees at Miami’s Zen Music Festival.  With the DMC-1, you can have your whole vinyl collection on the hard drive.  You just go to the club, plug in your CPU, and every cut you’ll need is right there.”

            “The MP3 is becoming the format of choice for the Internet generation of DJs.  Numark’s new Digital Media Controller allows the DJ to harness this new media with the familiar feel of a dual CD player,” said Jack O’Donnell, President of Numark Industries.

            The basic Numark/Visiosonic DMC-1 package retails for $299.00.  The advanced software upgrade retails for $99.00.  For more information call 727.799.3828 x341.


            System requirements are 266mhz Intel® or AMD® Processor and above, 64MB Ram, Non-emulated sound card, Serial Port, and Windows 95/98/ME/2000®. 



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