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IK Multimedia to release  EZ-Mixer™,  an all in one MP3 player/encoder/remix software

Modena, Italy - January 18th, 2001. In occasion of the winter NAMM show, IK Multimedia is proud to  announce to release EZ-Mixer™  ( a new kind of multifunctional MP3 player/encoder and live remixing tool which emulates a two tracks DJ mixer with all the necessary features to produce a compilation or a live remix, like a DJ in a club.

EZ-Mixer™  doesn't only play and encode MP3s but supports the import/export of a moltitude of other audio formats including Wav, Aiff, Qdesign™, QuickTime™, etc... and direct song ripping from audio CDs.

The live-remixing enviroment include everything is used by a DJ during a live-performance like: song position controls with loop and markers points, manual and automatic cross-fades, BPM determination and adapting to match different songs tempos, pitch/tempo control on each track, master, pan, bass and treble controls, and also single sample triggering using the keyboard. It also offers pre-monitoring on a single audio card or separate output support with multiple audio cards.

EZ-Mixer™ allows, in compilation mode, to organize 4 play-lists with 25 songs each for a total of 100 songs per session. Compilations can be exported as separate files (batch mode) or as a unique mix, including time and position selectable cross-fades.

EZ-Mixer also comes with 10 ready-to-be-mixed, royalty free, dance tracks of Techno, Trance, House, D'n'B, Hip-Hop and hundreds of sample hits which are included with the software.

Ths software will be  available for shipment by the end of February 2001 for MacOS® and Windows® platform.

About IK Multimedia:

IK Multimedia, the only Italian music software house, was founded in 1996 for the purpose of developing software designed to enable people to listen, play and produce music using revolutionary new digital instruments which are powerful and easy to use.


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