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The Korg KAOSS Mixer

The perfect marriage of a next-generation KAOSS Pad and a feature-packed DJ Mixer

The Korg KAOSS Mixer is the ideal performance-oriented DJ mixer and combines the KAOSS Pad’s unique “hands-on” control over effects processing with a professional 2-channel mixer. Now the DJ can be performer and sound sculptor thanks to the intuitive way that the KAOSS Mixer allows you to process sound and integrate sampling into your show.

A complete mixer

The KAOSS Mixer features two-channel inputs, with each channel able to accept both line and phono inputs. You can integrate turntables, CD players, Minidisk players or even musical instruments into your setup and switch between them with ease. Channel 1 also includes a mic’ input for use with the built-in KAOSS Pad, and, for the utmost in flexibility, the mic’ can be used as a talkback source whenever you need without running into the channel.

Each channel offers source selection, a 3-band EQ, and an input trim control with a Peak indicator. Headphone or Booth monitoring can be switched easily from each channel and the Master output which makes cueing source material simple. A 12-step LED indicator gives you an instant visual reading of your signal level, and both Master and Booth outputs are provided for connection in any club and stage setup. The KAOSS Mixer also features an ultra-sensitive crossfader with three crossfade curves which ensures great feel, whether you’re simply mixing between sources or a scratching battle jock!

A special feature of the KAOSS Mixer is Korg’s proprietary Ultra Boost technology, which can add extra low end that’s powerful, but won’t distort your speaker system. Add just the right amount of this bottom-shaking enhancement to make a real impact on your audience.

A new level of KAOSS

Without a doubt, it’s the addition of the KAOSS Pad that makes the KAOSS Mixer so special. Its newly-designed effects/controller surface goes far beyond anything you’ve ever tried. Eighty effects can be selected and controlled as easily as sliding your finger across its smooth surface. Simply draw a shape on the X/Y pad and you’re taking control over a powerful effects processor to instantly remix your source music.

Its 80 effects include reverbs, delays, filters, chorus, flange, phasing, distortion, pitch shifting, panning and even ring modulation. The KAOSS function can be applied to whatever signal you wish, Input 1, 2 or even the Master output of the mixer. An FX/Depth knob allows you to slowly blend in the effects depth to create gradual transitions and custom mixes. Eight buttons are provided to store your favorite effects for easy access, along with a rotary knob that lets you scroll through all the onboard effects. A Hold button remembers where you last touched the pad so you can lock-in your favorite setting. Or, leave it off and you can turn effects on and off by tapping and scraping the pad as the music moves you. Plus, a new X-Fade function lets you use the X/Y pad as a super-crossfader blending between your input sources using different effects settings for cool new possibilities.

Match that beat

A new Auto-BPM function can analyze your incoming signal and match the tempo of the delays etc. to your track for instant lock-up. And each channel can remember its tempo so you can switch back and forth with locked-up accuracy! A Tap Tempo button and 3-digit display are also included for manual setting when needed.

Super Sampling

The KAOSS Mixer’s improved sampling capabilities are also new. An impressive twenty-three seconds of 44.1 kHz, 16-bit sampling is provided, with four dedicated buttons for storing your non-volatile samples. Samples can be triggered from these buttons even when you’re using the pad to control other effects, and you can even sample incoming audio through the effects – including your pad gestures! When you want to have fun with your samples you can assign them to the pad for scratching, loop-changing, pitch-changing and a host of other possibilities.


LINE IN (stereo RCA pin jack) x2, 

PHONO IN (stereo RCA pin jack) x2, 

MIC IN (1/4" phone jack)


MASTER OUT (stereo RCA pin jack) x2, 

BOOTH OUT (stereo RCA pin jack) x2, 

PHONES OUT(stereo 1/4" phone jack)

Effect Programs:  80 types

Sampling Frequency:  44.1kHz

AD/DA Conversion:  20bit linear

Maximum Sampling Time:  23.7 seconds

Dimensions:   8.5 (W) x 12 (D) x 3.54 (H) in. 216(W) x 306(D) x 90(H) mm (including rubber feet)

Weight: approximately 3.97 lbs / 1800g

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