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Yorkville Sound introduces new high powered active loudspeaker to their NX speaker line.


Toronto Canada, December 20, 2000: Yorkville Sound is further expanding their NX series speaker cabinet line by adding a high-powered bi-amped full range powered cabinet.

The NX520P is a 500-watt version of the already popular NX20. Capitalizing on the light weight molded design cabinet and equipped with a proprietary neodymium woofer, this cabinet is a powerhouse that still weighs in under 35 lbs. Even when fully loaded with the unique processing crossover, protection circuits and TWO amplifiers that drive the bi-amped system. The unique cabinet design means the NX520P can easily be used as a front of house PA cabinet, or as a wedge monitor. It comes equipped with flyware and has an incorporated stand mount adapter.

Unique features, more versatile, better protection and more power. 

 The NX520P has incorporated some unique design ideas not seen in any other powered boxes, much less any active loudspeaker that performs as well as this. The cabinet uses a switching power supply amplifier for the bottom end to further reduce weight, a two-tier class H amp for the 2" horn driver. XLR and TRS balanced inputs and outputs are provided, as well as a +/- 6dB input trim control and overall cabinet EQ.

Looking at the back panels you will see there is a three input mini mixer. The mixer has a dedicated and tuned microphone input, and stereo line inputs for line level, CD player or laptop computer. The NX520P has a selectable two position high-pass filter to limit extraneous low frequency rumble, or to cross over at the input so the cabinet can easily and effectively be used with subwoofers from a single full range source. Engaging the high pass filter also makes the NX520P a more efficient and effective vocal monitor.

This makes the NX520P the ideal cabinet for mobile presentation PA where high volume and superior sound quality is required. Multiple cabinets can easily be linked using mixer inputs from each cabinet to create a six input system... no external mixer required. (Up to three 'mixer' sources can be used in any one system.)


US list price: $829.00 ($999.00 CDN). 



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