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The new DVD-1000P uses a variable drive speed system (2X DVD Read, 4X CD Read)

giving it the capability to read a wide range of formats including: DVD, CD, Video CD and CD-R music discs, all in one unit.  A high performance 27 MHz/10 bit video DAC displays digital video quality ideal for large screen and video monitor displays, as well as giving the DVD-1000P the ability to pass PLUGE (below black).  To optimize picture quality even further, the DVD-1000P uses a Super Sub Wideband Anti-Alias Filter to achieve attenuation characteristics of -3 dB in the ultra-high frequency range when horizontal image is 6.25 MHz.  Secure attenuation characteristics of above -60 dB at 8.25 MHz, the practical outer limit of DVD-Video, displays superior horizontal line resolution at any rate.

Another benefit of Denon's efforts to incorporate new digital technologies in their multi-format disc players is the true 24 bit/96 kHz digital audio output capability necessary for full realization of the latest releases on video as well as audio discs. 

The DVD-1000P's superior dynamic range and S/N ratio draw upon its highly-accurate Sigma Delta D/A converter for true-to-life sound reproduction.  Audio of the highest quality is further ensured by the use of a differential circuit on the converters output stage.  Full 24 bit/96kHz digital PCM/Bitstream signal can also be output (Coaxial or Optical) for Dolby Digital™ & DTS digital routing to other devices.  A convenient Compression function can also be employed for delivering full-range sound reproduction at lower volumes for use at night or other times when "full volume" is not practical.

Denon has also provided several different video output options on the DVD-1000P for maximum versatility.  S-Video and Component video output (Y, Cr, Cb) allow for direct connection to high-end monitors and projectors, while a standard Composite video output is also provided.  All 3 output not only top-quality video, but also utilize the DVD-1000P's simple and easy-to-read on-screen display for controlling settings and other operations.  Denon's advanced servo DSP integrated circuit, optimized for fluctuating disc read and digital processing factors, helps to further improve the players' overall performance.  Adjustments to the servo are made automatically to protect data integrity via a learning algorithm found in the circuit.

The DVD-1000P comes with a 2U rack mount kit and full-function remote.  Other features such as Multi-Angle and Playback Memory functions, as well as Energy-Saving Standby and Auto Power OFF, make this an ideal DVD/multi-disc format player.


Denon's DVD-1000P is available immediately for the Suggested Retail Price of $449.00


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